Bella Vista Paramedics Save Baby’s Life

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) -- A baby girl is alive Friday (July 21) night, after Bella Vista paramedics responded to a call they never want to get.

A call of a six-day-old baby not breathing and no heartbeat.

It was the first call, on his first shift, after a training program for a Bella Vista paramedic.

“It's never something you want to hear coming in, you know?  So we ran out to the truck and got going,” Chris Stockton.

Paramedic and firefighter Chris Stockton said when they arrived on scene the six-day-old baby had no pulse and was not breathing, but luckily the parents were already doing CPR.  Once they took over and gave the baby medicine things got a lot better.

“It was exciting looking over at the monitor and seeing it. We had a rhythm back and it felt awesome. It's always a really good feeling,” said Stockton.

Thanks to the handtevy app and the i-gel they were quickly able to insert a tube into the six-day-old baby and save her life.

Handtevy allows paramedics to use an app to find dosing amounts for children. And the i-gel is a new device making it easier to intubate a patient especially young children. Captain Leon Lieutard said having those tools gave them the confidence and knowledge to save that baby.

“We can defibrillate, administer medications and help people, but what really saves lives is early identification of a problem, early activation, early CPR,” Lieutard said.

Lieutard said while children, and infants especially, are very fragile, CPR is the best option if they aren't breathing and don't have a pulse.

"Once you call 911 talk to the dispatcher, they are trained professionals and they have programs on their computer that will walk you through the steps,” he said.

The Bella Vista fire department offers free CPR classes the second Friday of every month.