Local Woman Welcomed Home After ATV Accident

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) --After surviving a near fatal ATV crash in April, a Springdale woman is welcomed home by her community with a benefit in her honor.

Family and friends were surprised to see Jennifer Benson walk into the room without a wheelchair. The moment was especially moving for her father Scott Wade.

"It would be a miracle if we could either wheel her into this benefit or walk her into it," said Wade.

The accident left the mother, of two young children, in a coma. Knowing her condition would leave her home bound,  family and friends hosted a benefit to raise money, so she could recover in peace.

"We felt there was something that needed to be done for her.  We know she has two small children that she needs to raise, and not being able to work -- we didn't want her to have to stress about how to pay her bills and how to provide for her children," said best friend Heather Scates.

Hundreds of people came out to bid on auction items, enjoy the live band and donate to Jennifer's recovery fund.  Scates said the support of the community is overwhelming, but expected.

"She's a sweet lovable person; she's never hurt a stranger; she's never been rude to a single person probably in her whole life. If you needed anything she would give you the shirt off of her back," said Scates.  She  said there's one thing everyone can learn from Jennifer's story:  "Be strong, be brave and to be fearless --  you are never alone."