Police: Burglary Suspects Target Elderly, Deceased

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Jeffory Griffin (L) and Nicole Dribnak Fulton County Booking Photo.

FAIRBURN, Ga. (CBS) —  Police in Georgia are warning people of a developing crime trend which targets the elderly and the deceased.

There have been a rash of break-ins in South Fulton County, and one of the homes has been broken into three times in the past three months.

Jeffory Griffin and Nicole Dribnak have both been arrested for similar break-ins; however, police believe they are part of a larger crew working in South Fulton County.

Philip Dodson grew up in Fairburn, and just two days after burying his mother thieves began breaking into his dead parents’ home.

“I just don’t think you can stoop any lower,” said Dodson. “Preying on the elderly and the dead.”

The thieves who broke into the home of Dodson’s parents stole thousands of dollars worth of property and did hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

“We had a lot of fond memories in this house. And [for] someone to just come in and take something, it’s just anger,” said Dodson.