Tactical Urbanism Project Puts Crosswalks At Fayetteville Intersection

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- One of the first tactical urbanism projects in Fayetteville took place Sunday (July 23) as volunteers added some paint to the intersection of Church Avenue and Center Street.

Michael Ward's  project is aimed to make the intersection safer for pedestrians in the area.

The group painted crosswalks that previously were not there, they extended the curb with white and blue bubbles and added a red brick pattern.

Some who saw the project said they were happy to see the new additions.

Arsaga's has a location at this intersection with many customers coming in and out Sunday (July 23) morning.

Barista and Wholesale Manager Campbell Shelton said he has not seen any close calls with vehicles and pedestrians, but he has seen some involving another vehicle.

He is happy to see a safe and legal way for people to simply get across the street.

“People don’t usually say anything, but you can tell when they are coming in because everybody does this sort of run trot across," Shelton said. "Like they are afraid of getting hit and there is always the triple take ... you know, trying to make sure a car doesn’t barrel through. So I feel like this should bring the anxiety level down.”

He said they see a lot of customers during the morning hours when people are trying to get to work.

Shelton just hopes this will slow drivers down so people don't have to worry about getting hit when trying to get a bite to eat.