Two Injured In LeFlore County Shooting, Suspect Arrested

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) -- LeFlore County deputies are investigating a shooting that left two people injured on Monday night (July 24).

The shooting happened at a Wister home  around 10 p.m. Monday night along Wild Horse Road, said LeFlore County sheriff Rob Seale.

Brandon Christopher Benson was taken into custody in connection to the shooting, Seale said.

One of the victims, Bobby Rodgers was taken to a Tulsa hospital and is in critical condition. The other victim, Harlan Sweeten was treated at a Poteau hospital and released Tuesday morning.

Christie Yandell lives at the home in Wister. She said Benson is a friend of her sons and was visiting when the incident occurred.

"He don't need to be in jail. He was protecting. If Brandon hadn't been here and I was here by myself I could have been killed. One of them had a hatchet and the other had a chain," Yandell said.

Yandell said she knew Rodgers, but did not know Sweeten. She said Rodgers was claiming she did not return a truck to him that she had borrowed.

"I came out of the bedroom with my gun and Brandon was going backward across the floor and the boys was coming into the house," Yandell said.

Yandell said she gave her shotgun to Brandon Benson.

"I heard Brandon say, 'you're not going to hit me with that,'" Yandell said. I gave Brandon my gun and whenever I gave Brandon my gun they turned to go outside and that's when Brandon shot twice."

Benson was arrested and booked into jail on two charges of assault and battery with a  deadly weapon with intent to commit great bodily harm.

"One of those charges could be upgraded to homicide depending on the outcome of the victim. The last information that I got from family members is they were told he isn't expected to survive," Seale said.

Leflore county investigators said the two victims were shot while running away from the home.

"Everything, right now, points to that he shot them outside of the home after they were fleeing from the front porch. So, that kind of doesn't go along with the Oklahoma Stand Your Ground Law," Seale said. "He (Benson) is also being charged with possession of firearm while he's on probation with the Department of Corrections because he had received a deferred sentence for domestic assault with a deadly weapon. He can't have a firearm while he's on probation with them."