Mountainburg Police Department Gets Computer Equipment In Patrol Vehicles

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MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM)- The Mountainburg Police Department is using new technology inside patrol vehicles, making traffic stops and other calls much easier for officers.

The software is called MOVE and is also used by Arkansas State Police and other local agencies.

"This has been around for a long time, but it's not been affordable for us until now," Vincent Clamser, Mountainburg police chief said. "The state police have made it affordable for smaller agencies."

Officers are now able to receive information while patrolling and during traffic stops, as well as look up statuses of drivers and vehicles, instantly.

"You can put the information into the computer without even getting out of the car," Clamser said.

Not only does this new software make traffic stops quicker, but it frees up more time for officers to patrol the streets.

"It could cut off five to 10 minutes as far as calling dispatch, having them run the information for us, getting back to us and handwriting a ticket," Clamser said. "An officer puts it in the software and it does everything automatic for us."

Chief Clamser said the additions have already helped solve issues for the department.

"Some part of our area that we cover, our radio doesn't get out as well," Clamser said. "We'd have to move or call them on our cell phone to try to get the information. Now, we can do our job a lot faster, more efficient, more safely than before."

The data put into that new system is used by Arkansas State Police each year to assess accident, traffic stops and other information. It also helps state police to identify where changes are needed on roads in our area.