Fifteen Year Old Starts Her Own Garage Sale

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Saturday (Aug. 12) is National Yard Sale Day and Camryn Vickers, 15, created a yard sale of her own.

"With my family, it's like a tradition," Camryn said.

Camryn grew up helping her family members with their garage sales and after cleaning out her bedroom, she realized she had enough to have her own yard sale.

"My grandma and them have done it for years and I've just been around it my whole life," Camryn said. "I decided since I had enough stuff, I'd try it out for myself."

Camryn is using that family experience to add success to her own sale.

"I pretty much used my knowledge on how to price stuff and tell them that you can or can't go down on prices and just learn to do change and all that," Camryn said.

Even her customers are impressed.

"I think it's very innovative and she has a lot of energy and super fashion the way she's got everything arranged," Alice Horton, customer said. "It's organized and it makes it interesting."

Camryn's advice to those wanting to do a yard sale of their own is to not be afraid to ask for help.

"I would just say go with the flow and just have some adults to help you if you can't make change and they'll help you," Camryn said. "Just go with it."

This isn't the beginning for Camryn, she plans to have even more yard sales for the future.

At Saturday's yard sale, Camryn earned more than $100 from her sale.