Garrett’s Blog: The Eclipse Where You Live

The much anticipated Solar Eclipse less than a week away on Monday August 21st.

The Totality of the Eclipse follows a path across Missouri and Tennessee.

The Solar Eclipse is caused by the Moon between the Earth and the Sun casting a shadow on the Earth.

Locally, the extent of the eclipse ranges from 89% to 93%.

Here’s a look at the times to expect the eclipse where you live as well as the percentage of the Sun that will be blocked.

100% Totality: Kansas City/North Central Missouri

93% Eclipse: Bella Vista, Bentonville, & Huntsville

92% Eclipse: Fayetteville,

91% Eclipse: Clarksville, Ozark

90% Eclipse: Fort Smith, Van Buren, Sallisaw, Booneville

89% Eclipse: Waldron, Poteau