Waldron Looks To Take Next Step After Breakthrough Season

WALDRON (KFSM)--Waldron snapped their 43-game losing streak last season and went on to finish with a 5-5 record, but they felt like they could have done more.

"Looking back the five wins was big for us as a program," said Waldron head coach Ricky May. "Not finish and get in the playoffs was a little disappointing, but everyone in the community was tickled with five wins."

Turnovers hindered Waldron in their final two games of the season in 2016,  making it a focal point for them during the offseason to work on.

"We have done ball handling every day," said MAY. "Our offensive coordinator instituted a fumble policy if you fumble everybody on the team does 20 up-downs so they have done a lot of those."

On top of learning from their mistakes, the Bulldogs also have a better attitude heading into this season

"I have been playing football every year from seventh grade," said Waldron senior Joel Cagle. "This is the most excited as a group as we have ever been about our team, the attitude from practice has been great."

The Bulldogs haven’t reached the playoffs in over a decade, but after making huge strides last fall they are planning on finally reaching postseason play.

"That’s what we are expecting," said Cagle. "That’s our goal. Not just to get a four-seed away playoff game, but we want to bring something to this town where we can host a playoff game that would be something very special for this town."

Waldron will open their season at home, hosting rival Mansfield September 1st at 7:00 p.m.