Hutson Returns To Sidelines At Paris

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PARIS (KFSM)--After a two-year hiatus from coaching, Bryan Hutson is returning to the Paris sidelines after serving as the principal at the school.

"It’s something that I don’t think ever leaves your blood," said Hutson. "I enjoyed being principle there’s a lot of that I will miss too when I was out I still helped out in the press box and the fire was still there so when the opportunity arose I thought I would give it a shot."

Usually when a new coach takes over he has to learn about his players but Hutson remained close to the team and even coached some of them, making it a seamless transition.

"It’s just going back to old ways," said Paris senior Kris Graham. "Just picking it up where we left off."

"Wasn’t much of a change," said Paris senior Matthew Ezell. "We had him I think my freshmen year and then he went to principle and then came back we really hadn’t had much change just went back to the old ways."

With Hutson back at the helm, the Eagles are determined to finally get past the second round of the playoffs after back to back seven win seasons.

"We are looking to get over that hump," said Graham. "We are almost there I think we are going to get it this year."

Paris will open their season at home against Yellville-Summit September 1st at 7:00 p.m.