Two City Parks Added To Alcohol Ordinance In Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Two Fort Smith city parks were added to the list of venues where people can drink alcohol during special events.

The Board of Directors voted Tuesday (Aug.15) to change a city law governing alcohol consumption.

Cisterna Park is one of the two downtown parks that now allows people to possess and drink alcohol. However, there is a catch -- the proper permitting must be in place before people can drink alcohol. This means alcohol can only be consumed with a permit for special events such as festivals.

The decision was made at the Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday night. Before the change, you could only have alcohol during special events at Harry E. Kelley Park, Fort Smith Park, or Riverfront developments such as the amphitheater. After Tuesday, that list includes Cisterna, Pendergraft, and the Farmers Market location on North 2nd Street.

A board member said this will benefit and contribute to the growth of street festivals in the downtown area.

"It will boost the downtown district for events and festivals and I think it's going to be a good thing," said Keith Lau, city director. "It will bring people and promote downtown as being an entertainment district."

City leaders passed an emergency clause along with the ordinance meaning it will go into effect immediately.