Building Permits On The Rise In Springdale

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- The city of Springdale announced an increase in the number of building permits they have issued in 2017 compared to past years.

As of August 2016, Springdale said 13 commercial building permits were issued.

The same time this year, they issued 41.

Melissa Reeves, the director of public relations with the city, said there are many reasons why this is the case.

One reason is because business owners are starting to see the potential the city has and that they can make their mark there.

“If you actually go down Emma Avenue, you are going to see other buildings that are currently being renovated because property owners, business owners, people who are looking for the next big place to really make a name for themselves or really make a difference are coming to Springdale," Reeves said.

With this commercial growth comes an increase in sales tax, which Reeves explained helps everyone in the city.

That sales tax then goes to pay for city services including fire and police protections.

Reeves said anytime someone shops or eats local, that sales tax stays local.

Some of the businesses that are currently working on commercial projects told 5NEWS that they are just trying to fill a need that they see in Springdale.

That need is not just commercial.

As of August of last year, 199 residential single family permits were issued compared to this years 247 this year.

“We have a lot of developers who are building apartment complexes and multi family homes and neighborhoods with lots of different housing developments because we have an influx of people who want to come and enjoy our community," Reeves said.

Reeves said the school district is a big reason many families are choosing Springdale as a new home.

Overall, the city has seen a more than 18 percent increase in total permits issued this year.

Those permits total more than $133,000,000.