Students Watch Eclipse On First Day Of Class

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Many people around the country took time out of their day to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse and students at the University of Arkansas were no different.

Monday was the first day of class for the students, but many still found a few minutes to watch the rare event.

“I think it was pretty cool that it was on the first day of school," sophomore Keaton Calhoun said. "Just because it was a special thing to get to do in between classes.”

For one student, seeing the eclipse felt a little more special than it did for others.

Monday was not only the first day of classes, but for Bethany Dedman it was the first day of college.

She said she was not that interested in the eclipse, but with a little push from her parents, she decided to go outside the student union with other students.

“It’s kind of magical," Dedman said. "It’s kind of like hey you’re going to have all these blessings over your year because it’s going to be a one of a kind year. So, I’m really looking forward to it.”

She explained there was an interesting unity among all the students at the event.

Dedman said people would pass the solar glasses around so everyone had a chance to safely see the eclipse.

One junior said seeing it through the lenses of his solar glasses was an eye opening experience.

“Getting to see it through the lenses over here, like it brightens up a whole new perspective and it’s great to see the sun getting darker and in the middle of the day. It’s crazy," Parker Galligan said.

The students were not the only ones excited about the eclipse.

Ally Lovelace, another student on campus, said her professor let her class out early so they could have the chance to see the event for a few more minutes.