Farmington Students Spend First Full Week In New High School

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FARMINGTON (KFSM) -- It started more than a year ago, Farmington breaking ground on their new high school.

Now, students are filling the classrooms and enjoying learning in their new high school.

Senior Coleman Warren said it's pretty amazing to get to spend his last year of high school in the new building.

“The old one, I feel like some kids just feel like they're in an old building and they don't want to learn that much, but whenever you're in these new facilities, there is just so much space and you feel like you should use it to its maximum potential,” he said.

Sophomore Ben Macedo said the new school will help better prepare him for college.

“It's kind of more spread out and not necessarily like our old high school where everything is just so close," he said. "There are quite a few more college classes that they offer now with all the new rooms and stuff in here and I'm definitely excited to try those out.”

This new high school was paid for without tax payer money. All of the buildings currently on the campus cost the district $28 million.

The school has a business lab and media center. They offer a bio-medical class as well as nursing program and welding.

Principal Jon Purifoy said they hope all these opportunities will prepare their students for the future. He said they have career mentor groups where people from the community come in once a month.

“We kind of go over their career interests and so that way they can kind of decide at that point in time if that's really what I want to do or if that's not really what I want to do,” he said.

Farmington plans to break ground on their football stadium in November or December. They hope to have the track complete in time for track season and the stadium will be complete in time for the 2018 football season.