Centerton Reaches Agreement With Terrance Rock

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CENTERTON (KFSM) -- The Centerton City Council approved a settlement with a former Fayetteville High School football player during a special called meeting Wednesday night.

Terrance Rock was wrongfully arrested in 2016 on a burglary charge in Centerton.

He was later cleared of those charges.

Rock then filed a lawsuit against the city and on Monday, both parties reached a tentative agreement.

Brian Rabal, the city's attorney, said the city had to meet and approve this agreement before they could move forward.

"So the terms of the settlement essentially were an exchange of $100,000," Rabal said. "They agreed to dismiss with prejudice all claims they had with the city.”

Rabal explained that this means Rock could not file suit against the city any more.

He said Rock released all claims he had against the city and that this is just a way to make sure the city is protected.

The $100,000 that will go to Rock will come from the city's general fund.

Rabal expected a check to be cut and sent to Rock's lawyer soon.

Not everyone on the council agreed with the terms.

Councilman Darren Warren voted against the settlement.

He said he thought the money Rock wanted was too much.

Rabal said in settlements like this not everyone will agree.

“It’s kind of a give and take between both parties," Rabal said. "I think they stretched us past our level of comfortness (sic) and we did the same thing with them significantly of course, they were asking for almost $750,000 and we got them down to a hundred.”