Experience Fayetteville Announces Artists For Green Candy Art Project

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- A final group of artists has been selected for Fayetteville's upcoming art project, Green Candy.

Experience Fayetteville is presenting the event, and has appointed global creative house Justkids to create public-art programming for the community.

The art project is an art action aimed to create community conversations around waste and sustainability through engaging art projects.

Ernest Zacharevic said he saw a picture of the wall before he got here and got the idea to paint the bears.

“That’s the fun about public art, it’s always somehow relevant to the area that we paint in,” he said.

Zacharevic said he’s been painting ever sense he could remember, transitioning from canvas to walls.

“It carries a strong message, a message of conservationism and environment protection. I really love that blend of artists making it happen and making a difference.”

Zacharevic started painting this mural on Monday (Aug. 21) and will finish painting the bears before dark tonight. He said he is keeping is mind open about adding something else to the wall.

Fayetteville artist Jason Jones story is similar, having a paint brush in his hand has always been part of his life.

“It’s kind of curse for me being an artist and painting on walls, I end up riding my bike or walking around town and I’m constantly seeing walls that I would like to paint. So this has always been one of them that I’ve spotted,” he said.

Jones mural is on the trail just off center street. It is a huge jack rabbit that is breathing into a tank that is a terbium.

Jones said it’s like he is breathing fresh air which goes along with the sustainability theme.

“Being able to do these walls, it’s just really nice to be able to connect with people. Being right here on the trail there are tons of people that stop and ask questions and they get excited.”

The internationally-recognized artists who will join the event are:

  • Bordalo, an artist from Portugal whose main media to create his artwork is comprised of discarded materials found on cities' dumpsters, landfills and recycling centers.
  • Malaysian-based Ernest Zacharevic from Lithuania, who creates beautiful and compelling murals that encourage spectators' eyes to consider the hidden magic in their urban ecosystems.
  • Bicicleta Sem Freio from Brazil, whose bucolic and colorful graphic style brings the essence of primal life to urban landscapes.
  • Marina Zumi from Argentina, whose public and studio work considers the importance of natural and cosmic balance.

Notable Northwest Arkansas artists Jason Jones and Gina Gallina are also included in the line up.

Each artist will create either a mural or a three-dimensional piece of art that will be displayed at locations throughout downtown Fayetteville.