Local Baby Born During Peak Of Solar Eclipse

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A very special moment happened for a local couple during the solar eclipse. They didn’t get the chance to watch it because their baby was being born.

“We know that for a lot of people that is a once in a lifetime thing and she's definitely a once in a lifetime little girl too,” mother Erin Brown said.

Right at the peak of the solar eclipse, Erin and Joey Brown’s little bundle of joy came into the world.

“We were actually scheduled to be induced on Tuesday [Aug. 22], yesterday, and then they called us about a scheduling issue and they asked us to come in a day early,” Erin said. “We went in Monday morning not really prepared to have a baby that day.”

Their OBGYN Dr. Stuart Haraway said the day was both humorous and memorable.

“We had joked with each other about trying to speed up or slow down her labor so she would deliver during the eclipse,” he said.

They didn’t do that of course, and by 12:51 p.m., Erin wasn’t even dilated halfway. She laughed off the idea, but less than 30 minutes went by. All of a sudden Erin got a feeling the baby was coming. She called her nurse into the room.

“Dr. Haraway barely made it in, so it was kind of a crazy little thing that happened,” Brown said.

Dr. Haraway added, “They’re a sweet couple and a very nice couple, and I think it’s neat that this was able to happen for them.”

Parker Laine Brown is a healthy 7 lbs., 20” long baby.

“She's real laid back, really chill and recovery's been a breeze so far compared to her [sister],” Erin laughed.

Their 18-month-old daughter Autry also has a special birthday.

“It's funny because she's a Leap Day baby,” Erin said. “We talk about how for every fourth birthday we'll have kind of a special birthday, so every solar eclipse we'll have to have a special birthday for [Parker].”

Several people asked the Browns if they were going to name their daughter after the solar eclipse. Erin says “Eclipse” might just end up being Parker’s nickname.