Lavaca Police Set Record Straight Following Rumored Bus Incident

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LAVACA (KFSM) — Lavaca Police are trying to set the record straight about an alleged incident in the Lavaca School District.

A parent told the police department that an unknown, tall white-haired lady pulled their child from the bus line on Aug. 14 and 21 and tried to give them a slip to change buses, according to a release from the Lavaca Police Department. The parent said a different woman, this one with brown hair, had pulled the same child into the office one day to say that a teacher had been fired and was handing out fake bus slips.

Lavaca Police and school officials watched security footage from the school buses from Aug. 14-23 and video from the school hallways on Aug. 23, the release states. None of the videos showed the child being pulled into the office, nor did anyone make contact with the child on the bus line. School staff members were present with the children during all times while they were loading the buses.

Lavaca police and school officials found that there was no evidence of anyone trying to move a student to a different bus. The release states that the children were safe at all times.