35 Years And Counting: Walmart Employees Look Back On Career

FORT SMITH(KFSM) - A local Walmart store is celebrating 35 years of business.

Walmart #388 originally opened on Midland Boulevard in 1982, but later moved to its current location just off Kelley Highway at 2100 North 62nd Street.

Pat Hampton and Darlene Horn have both been working for walmart on the north side of Fort Smith since the day it opened.

"I started out in the old store helping unload the truck, pricing merchandise. I've worked in the cash office, I was shoe department manager... jewelry department manager," said Horn.

A lot has changed at the retailer in the past 35 years, but Hampton and Horn say it is the technology that has had the biggest change.

"We didn't have the electronics technology back then, we did a lot of ordering by hand and price changes and things like that by hand," said Hampton,  "Cash registers weren't as fast as they are now...we didn`t have the scanners and computers, so we've come a long ways in 35 years."

As they celebrate all those years, they say they plan to keep working here as long as they can.

"I'm just not ready to give it up yet. I'm old enough to retire. My age is there, but I'm just not ready," said Horn.

"I like my job and the people that I work with and I want to make it 'til I can't make it any longer," said Hampton