Springdale Man Facing Arson Charges

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- A Springdale man was arrested after he allegedly broke into his mother's home and lit a scooter on fire on Sunday (Sept. 3).

Randell Rogers, 61, is facing charges of burglary and arson, according to a preliminary report.

The man's mother told police that her son has a mental illness, and she asked that he be taken to a mental health hospital instead of the jail.

Officers were called to a Drew Place home around 10:45 a.m. on Sunday for a residential fire, the report states. When they arrived, Rogers approached them and said, "I did it." He told officers that he took a wrench and broke a window in his mother's home and then went inside.

Rogers said he pushed his scooter inside the home and set it on fire, the report states. Rogers appeared to have a cut on his hand and singe marks on his forearm, the report states.

Rogers told police that he was mad at his mom because she didn't want to take care of him.