Garrett’s Blog: Tracking: Irma, Katia, Jose, Lee?

All eyes are on Irma as yet another major Hurricane is set to make landfall in the United States for the second time this year.

I mapped the National Hurricane Center forecast into our weather system so it’ll automatically updates online for you here. 

The latest data is just awful for the Miami area with a landfall after midnight late Saturday into Sunday as a powerful Category 4 storm.

The trend of the data and uncertainty still encompasses much of the Florida Peninsula but the track seems to be congealing around the Miami area with a few outliers farther to the west. Errors this far out area still in the 100-175 mile range so a change in track is still likely and the exact path will adjust with time.

Katia in the Gulf will pose no risk to the United States but will probably be a weak hurricane for Mexico.

Hurricane Jose also appears to be no factor for landfall.

Yet another tropical wave appears to have moved off the coast of Africa. Should it organize into a storm it would be named Lee.