WATCH: Arkansas State Police Release Footage Of High-Speed Car Chase That Ended In Crash

WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Arkansas State Police released footage of an August car chase that started on Interstate 49 and ended with a man in jail. The mom of the suspect was in the passenger seat the entire chase.

In the exclusive video, you can see a high speed pursuit between suspect Lesley Sherwin and Arkansas State Police. The chase started on Interstate 49 near Fayetteville and ended in a crash near West Fork.

Sherwin was clocked going 116 mph in a 50 mph construction zone, but police said speeding wasn't the only law Sherwin broke during the chase.

The video shows officers chasing down Sherwin, weaving in and out of traffic and even passing vehicles on the shoulder. The chase went from Fayetteville to Highway 265 where Sherwin nearly hit a Washington County Sheriff's Office vehicle.

Still driving over 100 mph, Sherwin traveled into Greenland. Officers decided to try to use a pit maneuver on the vehicle to protect other drivers, but they were not able to safely do so until Sherwin turned onto Union Star Road just off Highway 170 outside of West Fork.

As he was being handcuffed, Sherwin apologized to the officers for what he had put them through.

Sherwin faces charges of felony fleeing vehicle substantial danger of death and two counts of assault and reckless driving.