Back In U.S., Las Vegas Gunman’s Girlfriend With Ties To Northwest Arkansas Now Center Of Investigation

LOS ANGELES (CBS News) — FBI agents met Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's girlfriend at Los Angeles International Airport Tuesday night.

CBS News confirms Marilou Danley was on Philippine Airlines Flight 102. Danley, 62, went to the Philippines in mid-September, and Paddock reportedly transferred $100,000 there, just days before the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

Danley returned to the U.S. overnight after three weeks overseas. She lived with the gunman and was around him as he was building up that arsenal. She is someone who can fill in a lot of the blanks and that's why investigators will want to get her in a interview room quickly.

Marilou was married to Geary Danley, a resident of Bella Vista, Arkansas, for more than two decades before separating in April of 2013 and then divorcing in February of 2014. Geary moved to Bella Vista after the couple split.

His family said they don't know Stephen Paddock and had no knowledge of he and Marilou's relationship. His family made a statement outside of his Bella Vista home on Monday.

After Marilou's return to the U.S. and that she was once again named a person of interest in the investigation, the family posted a note to their door saying they would not be making any more statements.

Marilou Danley's attorney Matt Lombard said Wednesday afternoon that she had no idea he was planning the rampage.

Paddock had sent her to the Philippines ahead of the shooting, Lombard said. According to Lombard, she said the thousands of dollars that Paddock wired to her was to buy a home there -- and she thought he was about to break up with her.

Read Marilou's full statement below:

"I am devastated about the deaths and injuries and all those that have been hurt by these awful events.  I have faith in God and I will continue to pray for everyone who has been harmed or hurt.  I am a mother and a grandmother and my heart breaks for all who have lost loved ones.  I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man.  I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him.  He never said anything to me or took any action I was aware of as a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.  A little more than two weeks ago, Stephen told me he found a cheap ticket for me to the Philippines and that he wanted me to take a trip home to see my family. Like all Filipinos abroad, I was excited to go home and see family and friends. While there, he wired me money, which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family. I was grateful, but honestly, I was worried that first the unexpected trip home and then the money was a way of breaking up with me. It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone. I have not made a statement until now because I have been cooperating with the authorities. I voluntarily flew back to America because I know that the FBI and the Las Vegas Police Department wanted to talk to me and I wanted to talk to them. I will cooperate fully with their investigation. Anything I can do to help ease suffering and help in any way, I will do. Please respect my privacy and my family's privacy.”