Local Pastors Attend Worship Safe Seminar In Rogers

ROGERS (KFSM) -- Following the Sutherland, TX massacre priests and pastors are looking for better ways to protect their congregations from violent attacks.

Terry Simmons pastor of First Landmark Baptist church in Bentonville attended the meeting with his security team. "We know that we're not immune to any type of situation and therefore we started getting phone calls like what are we doing for security."

During the seminar expert and retired police chief Tim Keck went over techniques for threat resolution. "If all they did was put a person in the parking lot with a walkie-talkie and people at each door, each point of entrance with a walkie talkie. If they saw a problem moving toward the building they could just call and say code red."

He also went over the importance of hands on training. For security leaders looking to get a head start he suggested that they start implementing:

Knowledge of church members and surroundings

Communication among security team members

Assessing each individual situation to find the best solution

Keck reminded community leaders that they are capable of protecting themselves and others.