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  • Pregnant

    Mother’s Fruit Consumption Boosts Baby’s Cognitive Abilities

    If you’re expecting and want to boost your unborn baby’s brain power, doctors said you should eat more fruit. Scientists found that mothers improve thier baby’s memory and development when they eat more fruit. Each daily portion of fruit consumed while the baby is in utero increased a toddler’s test scores by more than two percent later on in life. Segment Sponsored By: Mercy Health System

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    Rena Elementary School, Van Buren – Mrs. Brown – 4th Grade

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    Asbell Elementary, Fayetteville – Mrs. Jill Jackson – Kindergarten

  • Star Trek Health Device

    “Star Trek” Device Developed To Monitor Patient Health

    U.S. researchers said they have developed a small, wearable health monitor that is similar to the “Star Trek” Tri-Corder. The flexible patch can be worn on the chest, and it tracks biochemical and electrical signals in the human body. Then, it communicates that wirelessly to a laptop, smartphone or a smart watch. The device also provides real time data on electrocardiogram heart signals, as well as the levels of lactate, which is a biochemical that helps chart physical effort. Researchers […]

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    Tate Elementary, Van Buren – Mrs. Howard – Kindergarten

  • Second Skin

    Scientist Develop “Second Skin” To Fight Wrinkles, Eczema, Psoriasis

    Scientists at MIT developed a new product that will not only help with wrinkles, but with other skin conditions as well. It’s a polymer-based product being called a “second skin” that is made up of chemicals deemed safe by the FDA. The product coats the skin and can help conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It can also help to firm up wrinkles. “The goal was really something that was totally invisible, breathable, could coat the skin, protect it,” said Daniel Anderson, […]

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    Melinda’s Garden Moments: Create An Inviting Garden Entrance

    Welcome your guests, mark the way, or just add a bit of extra beauty to the entrance to your garden.  At Northwind Perennial Farm they did just that. A pair of containers filled with Mandevilla, petunias, and sweet potato vines flank the entrance to a colorful garden.   Visitors stop to view the containers and discover the beautiful gardens that lie ahead. Arbors have long been used to mark an entrance or transition in a landscape.  You can use an old […]

  • asa3

    Gov. Hutchinson’s Son Arrested At Alabama Music Festival

    GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — The son of Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson was arrested at the Hangout Music Festival Saturday night (May 21). Asa William Hutchinson III is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance following his arrest by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. Sources tell WKRG Hutchinson was found with MDMA after behaving suspiciously at the festival. Hutchinson was wearing a sweatshirt around his waist when he was spotted by Baldwin County Sheriff Deputies.  Hutchinson was asked to […]

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    Vandergriff Elementary, Fayetteville – Mrs. Horne – First Grade

    Segment Sponsored By: Breeden 

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    Police Search For Suspect In Fort Smith Stabbing

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)– Police say a man was stabbed Friday (May 20) and a suspect is still on the loose in Fort Smith. Officers say a man was stabbed in the chest at the Englander Motel located off Towson Avenue. Police believe the suspect used a screwdriver to stab the victim, and then ran away. The victim was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries, according to police. Police do believe alcohol was a factor in the stabbing, but have […]

  • Atlanta's new international terminal

    Destress: Tips To Avoid Airport Trauma

    This summer, 220 million people are expected to travel through US airports — the most ever. Coupled with long lines at security checkpoints, this can cause a lot of unwanted stress. Across social media and discussions among friends, many travelers are fed up with long, tedious security lines at U.S. airports. While you may not be able to avoid all the lines, there are a few ways to keep your cool and reduce  your mental stress when it’s your turn […]

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    Asbell Elementary, Fayetteville – Mrs. Crystal Hinrichs – 1st Grade


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