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  • Heroin opioid

    America Has Developed An Opioid Addiction

    Investigators said music legend Prince had prescription pain pills on him when he died, which is now reviving concern over the U.S. opioid addiction problem. The FDA said the addition has gotten so bad that someone dies of an accidental overdose every 19 minutes. In 2014, the most recent year when data was available, 28,000 people died from overdoses linked to opioids. These figures have alarmed many doctors. “”Yeah it’s an epidemic for sure, we’re five percent of the worlds […]

  • Imagination Art

    Free Children’s Art Program Coming To Fort Smith

    A new kind of art class is coming to the River Valley this summer. Jessica Pettit joined 5NEWS anchor Daren Bobb to discuss the Kids Inspiring Kids Imagination Art program, which is heading to Fort Smith this summer. The classes are free for children of all ages and will cover painting, drawing and crafts. The classes will be every Wednesday starting June 1 through Aug. 3, and they will be from 11 a.m. to noon. They will be held at Cre8ive […]

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    Sonora Elementary, Springdale – Ms. Price – 5th Grade

  • promo286218445

    Natural Rock Landscaping Options from Sharum’s Garden Center

    For this week's spring gardening tip, Frank shows us a natural rock retaining wall project from Sharum's Garden Center.

  • promo286229422

    Planting Small Seeds Made Easy

    Carrots, lettuce, begonia, and other small seeds can be difficult to plant at the proper spacing.  Reduce wasting seeds and time spent thinning. Mix seeds with sand, vermiculite, or other fine material to separate the seeds for proper spacing.  Sprinkle the sand and seed mix in a shallow furrow, cover with soil, gently tamp, and water. Purchase pelletized seeds that are coated, making them larger and easy to handle. Try seed tapes available from garden centers and catalogs.  The seeds […]

  • Heart Health

    Loneliness Negatively Impacts Heart Health

    For some people, living in isolation can raise all sorts of concerns — including your heart. A new study shows that isolation can have an impact on your heart, by increasing your risk for developing several heart complications. Researchers at the University of New York found that people who are isolated have a 29 percent higher risk of having heart disease and a 32 percent higher risk of stroke. Earlier research found that being alone can also lower your life span. Isolation can […]

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    J.B. Hunt Elemtentary, Springdale – Mrs. Robyn Hubbard – 5th Grade

  • promo286144666

    Adventure Arkansas: Scenic Motorcycle Rides

    With the Steel Horse Rally in town this weekend, thousands of motorcycle riders will descend on Arkansas. In this week’s Adventure Arkansas, we catch up with local riders and highlight some of the sweet scenic rides we have around us.

  • Biking

    One-Minute Workout Plan

    New research suggests that a single minute of hard exercise can have as much positive health benefits as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. During a 12-week trial, 27 men practiced one of two exercise programs. One program included three 20-second all-out cycle sprints, along with two minutes of slow down in between. The other program had the men do 45 minutes of continuous cycling. Peak oxygen intake increased in both groups. Insulin sensitivity improved and muscle content increased by the same […]

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    Central Elementary, Van Buren – Mrs. Hamilton – Kindergarten

  • greenland4

    Classes To Resume At Greenland High Thursday After Storm Damages Roof

      GREENLAND (KFSM) — Greenland High School was closed Wednesday (April 27) due to flooding after storms damaged part of the roof over the cafeteria. Greenland elementary and middle school had class as usual. Water flooded into the high school building for several hours, according to Superintendent Larry Ben, who was notified of the damage around 1:30 a.m. by Police Chief Gary Ricker. Ben said he and Assistant Superintendent Rick Gales came to the school to start getting out some […]

  • Cancer beads treatment

    Chemotherapy Beads To Help Treat Liver Cancer

    Doctors in New York are trying out a promising new treatment for liver cancer. The treatment uses Lumi beads that are coated in a chemotherapy drug. So far, the treatment has only been used on 10 patients. However, nine of those patients have seen a positive response to the beads. Doctors said that this treatment is beneficial to patients because the beads are less harmful than traditional chemo, as it better targets the tumor. “So the advantage of the Lumi […]


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