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  • Parasitic Wasp Larvae

    Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

    Join forces with nature and increase garden productivity, while keeping garden pests under control. Honeybees pollinate our flowers, are essential for much of our food production and plant reproduction.  But other insects like the hummingbird moth do the same.  Many garden flowers like bee balm and phlox help bring them to your garden. Grow a few plants to attract predatory insects to your landscape. Dill and its relatives attract parasitic wasps; coreopsis brings in the aphid-eating lacewings; and milkweed attracts […]

  • gavel

    Lawsuit Accuses Valley Behavioral Health Of Negligence In On-Site Rape

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A lawsuit has been filed against Valley Behavioral Health System, LLC and Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc., alleging that a patient was “violently raped by another inpatient resident” on March 30, 2016. Jered Medlock, who represents the parent of the victim, stated in a press release that Valley Behavioral had “inadequate security and inadequate nursing personnel to prevent” the sexual assault. The lawsuit alleged Valley Behavioral became aware or should have known a certain male patient, who […]

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    Fayetteville Lions Club

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    Adventure Arkansas: Autumn’s ReRide Youth Ranch

    Animals instinctively help us through some of the most difficult times that life throws our way. That help and healing goes both ways between people and animals at a Bentonville ranch. Meteorologist Sean Bailey took us to Autumn’s ReRide Youth Ranch for an Adventure Arkansas that changes lives. Since 2009, Rebecca Christians has been recruiting horses to help children going through life’s difficult curveballs, who founded the ranch in memory of her daughter, Autumn. “They all have a purpose whether […]

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    Lavaca Elementary – Lavaca, Mrs. Kilbreth – First Grade

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    Vandergriff Elementary – Fayetteville, Mrs. Wikholm – Third Grade

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  • lethal injection

    Arkansas Department Of Corrections Receives Supply Of Execution Drug

    PINE BLUFF (KTHV) — The Arkansas Department of Correction notified the Governor’s Office and the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office that they received a supply of vecuronium bromide with an expiration date of March 1, 2018. This decision came after the state’s stockpile of the drug needed for the executions of eight death row inmates expired on June 30, leaving the state without a way to execute for the first time in over ten years. As a result, Governor Asa Hutchinson […]

  • medical marijuana

    Arkansas Department Of Health Does Not Support Medical Marijauana Legalization

    LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) — The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) does not support recent ballot measures that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical treatment. Currently, only one measure has been certified for the November ballot. This measure would place the ADH as the regulatory agency over a treatment that is not approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for medical use. There are FDA approved treatment alternatives for all the medical conditions proposed to be treated with marijuana. […]

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    Tate Elementary – Van Buren, Mrs. Tate – Fourth Grade

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  • Thumb Sucking

    Nail Biting And Thumb Sucking Help Reduce Allergies

    A new study suggested some of toddlers’ unsanitary habits may not be so bad for them after all. Like lots of kids, Gracie Ingram used her hands to soothe herself as a baby. “When I was little instead of sucking a pacifier I sucked my fingers instead,” Gracie said. And like lots of parents, her dad, Chris Ingram, couldn’t seem to stop her. “We felt like we ought to discourage it, but she was pretty tenacious,” Ingram said. Turns out […]

  • 1 Briar

    Kutest Kidz Photo Contest 2016 – Enter Now!

    Are you an amateur photographer? Do you love to show off your photography skills of your kids? Check out the Kutest Kidz photo contest!

  • promo292283251

    Flavors Of Summer: Uncle Louis G’s Italian Ice

    This week, Melissa headed to Uncle Louis G’s Italian Ice for a taste of the light and airy summer treat. Italian ice is like ice cream, but it’s made without the cream. It’s a healthier version of the treat that’s still full of flavor. Uncle Louis G’s also has decked-out corndogs, sundaes and custom-made ice cream cakes. Segment Sponsored By: Uncle Louis G’s Italian Ice


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