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  • Bella Vista Approves Tax Increase For Advertising And Promotions Commissions

    BELLA VISTA (KFSM) — The city council in Bella Vista is joining surrounding cities by putting a tax in place to support a new advertising and promotions commission for the city. The city voted 5-0 to raise prepared food tax by 1 percent and lodging tax by 2 percent. “I understand the need for the tax increase to start promoting Bella Vista because it has grown far beyond what I think it was envisioned years ago,” said Richard Siker. He owns […]

  • Photos: Komen Ozark Race For The Cure

    ROGERS (KFSM) — There was plenty of pink as thousands of people braved the chilly weather to participate in the Susan G. Komen Ozark Affiliate’s 19th annual Race for the Cure to honor breast-cancer survivors and to remember those who have died from this form of cancer. Organizer Lauren Marquette said this year they hope to raise $450,000 and that 75 percent of the money raised will go for research in Northwest Arkansas. Despite the wet weather Marquette says it […]

  • Medal Of Honor Hero Shares War Story With Students

    BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — Sgt. Sammy Davis rescued three men while defending his troop from a massive attack in the Vietnam War. His courageous deed earned him the highest military decoration, the medal of honor. “You don’t lose till you quit trying. That’s the most important lesson we can learn in life today is the fact that no matter what you’re faced with you don’t lose till you quit trying,” Davis said. He said words from his mother kept him alive and fighting through the war. Davis […]

  • Family Ends Search For Good Samaritans That Called 911

    SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — Rick Simpson collapsed of a heart attack while riding his trike at the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville. In attempt to find some closure his family set out to find the people that tried to save his life by calling 911. “I would love to find this person for Grandma Jackie because she’s just so grateful,” said Lynnette Simpson, daughter of Rick. She says her father is the last person she’d expect this to happen to because he was so healthy […]

  • Arkansas Will Not Allow Taped Recordings Of Executions

    GRADY, Ark. (KFSM) — There has been nonstop controversy surrounding the execution process in Arkansas. A judge ruled on Wednesday that the state will not be able to use one of the drugs involved in the execution process, stopping the upcoming executions altogether. But, if the state is able to proceed with the executions media outlets will no longer be able to document the execution and the state will no longer record the process. Without video or noted documentation State Representative Greg Leding […]

  • Bentonville School District To Add Fences At Six Elementary Schools

    BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — The Bentonville School Board is taking precautionary action following the death of a Fayetteville student who wandered off campus. Fayetteville Public Schools responded by adding fences to its elementary schools, and the Bentonville School District plans to follow in the same path for its elementary schools. Dr. Debbie Jones, superintendent at Bentonville, said the board is in the process of bidding out the job to contractors. Jones said six elementary schools in the district currently do not have […]

  • Kids Enjoy Reading With The Razorbacks

    FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Razorback athletes are feeling the need to read as they teamed up with the Kappa Delta Pi education honor society for the annual “Reading with the Razorbacks” event. It was held at the Fayetteville Public Library in the Children’s library section. For the past four years volleyball player Breana Jones has been the first to sign up. It’s an event she holds near to her heart. “I love reading aloud; I love reading books with kids and things […]

  • Son Of Holocaust Survivor Speaks Out About Comments Made By White House Press Secretary

    Bentonville (KFSM) — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been under fire this week following his comments about Adolf Hitler and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. What followed was a series of explanations, clarifications and apologies. A Bentonville man whose mother was a Holocaust survivor was outraged with Spicer’s comments during such a sacred time as the Passover. “Knowing what I know about what my mom went through and listening to these comments tells me that there’s a disconnect between what […]

  • Rogers Teacher Receives Educator Of The Year Award

    ROGERS (KFSM) — A group of elementary students in Rogers have been keeping a big secret from their favorite teacher. Students at Northside Elementary surprised their teacher with the Educator of the Year award. Kyle Schoeller is a one of a kind teacher. “He just adds enthusiasm to the school life students love coming to school because it’s a fun place to be and they know they are accepted at school,” Principal Anita Turner said. Turner said students are drawn […]

  • Tax Professionals Are Prepared To Work Through The Easter Holiday

    FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) —  Most employees at tax offices were simply too busy to talk because they’re swamped with last minute returns. Local accountants are even prepared to cut their Easter activities short to keep their doors open. “We’ll probably have at least one person here, maybe myself taking appointments and calls if anyone happens to come by,” said Amber Tejada, CPA and owner of Liberty Tax Service in Fayetteville. It’s a stressful season for accountants in every state as the final […]

  • Decatur 8th Graders Start A Revolution To Revitalize School Culture

    DECATUR (KFSM) — It’s a small school with a big heart. Eighth grade students at Decatur Middle School are planning to change the school’s culture and the way they see themselves one act of kindness at a time. With a plan of action in place and in full effect, the students planned a pep rally to spread the mission of “Revolution 2021”. After a teacher overheard students expressing how frustrated they were with being belittled by bigger schools in the district, […]

  • 41st Annual Hogeye Marathon Takes Over Downtown Springdale

    SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — It was an early morning Saturday (April 8) for those participating in this year’s Hogeye Marathon.  The race is celebrating its 41st year as the oldest marathon in the state of Arkansas at a new location in downtown Springdale. The course ran through Johnson and Fayetteville, but it was mainly on Springdale streets. Experienced Hogeye runner Tommy Clark said he looks forward to breaking in the new route and starting a lasting tradition with his son. “He’s a […]