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  • Local Nearly Falls Victim To Home Rental Scam

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Another scam is making the rounds. A scammer found a home for sale in Fort Smith and decided to put it up for rent on Craigslist well below market value. “They put out the emails and hope somebody will be desperate enough to send them the money to secure the property. Then the keys never come,” said the actual realtor for the home, James Vitale. Vikki Harriet nearly fell victim. “I was really angry. This is […]

  • Local Music Festival Goes Extra Mile For Sustainability

    OZARK (KFSM) — It’s one of the most unique festivals you’ll find and it takes place in Ozark at the Byrd’s Adventure Center. From rinse stations to water filtration systems and solar power panels, “You can never get 100% solar, but we try to feed through as much as we can,” said promotions manager, Jeremy Gunn. Ozark’s Homegrown music festival really lives up to its name. “All of our vendors are from Arkansas. We try to keep everything home-grown,” he […]

  • Local Police Act On Possible Carbon Monoxide Issues In Ford Explorers

    VAN BUREN (KFSM) — An entire police fleet of Ford Explorers have been taken off the road in Austin, Texas after two more police officers were found with carbon monoxide in their blood, bringing the total to 20. Federal regulators have expanded their investigation into reports that exhaust fumes were leaking into the passenger cabins. With those investigations underway, police departments here at home are considering their own options. “It definitely makes us worry about our fellow officers,” said detective […]

  • Customers Upset About Electric Bill; Company Responds

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Many residents in our area are opening their most recent electric bill and are shocked at just how much they owe. Some have even gone to social media with their frustrations. “I think we were paying about $150 a month, then it jumped to $320,” said one local woman, Anna Wetterlund. Soon, the electric bill became too much for the Wetterlund family to afford. So their power was shut off by OG&E two weeks ago. “Me […]

  • Local Officers “Feeling Better” After Community Raises Money For Cancer Treatment

    VAN BUREN (KFSM) — It’s fitting that the man who runs the Van Buren Christmas house is known locally for his giving spirit; even in July. Most recently, Richard Hodo has given a lot to the Van Buren Police Department. As has the local community. “It seems like whenever we need something, we always call 911 and they’re there,” said Hodo. Now, the department has officers calling for help themselves. In March, officer David Hendrickson was diagnosed with lung cancer. […]

  • ‘Familiar Face’ Dies In Accident Year After Losing Beloved Wife

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — In the middle of a multiple car accident on Interstate 49 in Fayetteville was — what some are calling — a staple in the Fort Smith community. Just a year after his beloved wife died, 40-year-old Forrest Caple was killed in that car accident. “We’re losing a staple,” said his friend, Keely Birdtail. According to friends, Caple was well known in Fort Smith. He worked at a bar downtown, Roosters, for nearly a decade. “He didn’t […]

  • Sexton On Executive Session: “Longest In History Of This Board”

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Last week, the Fort Smith board of directors gave the head of the civil service commission the option to recuse himself from his position because his law partner is suing the city. His decision was to stay put until the lawsuit is over. “I knew during the two hours (of executive session) from the vote that had happened before the session had occurred that the vote was four to three (in favor),” said Sexton. So, he’ll […]

  • Friend Reflects On Legacy Of Legendary Figure In Local Police Department’s History

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A legendary figure in the Fort Smith Police Department’s history passed away last week. One of Alvin Bradley’s closest friends is remembering him Friday (July 21) night. “I worked Car 11, he worked Car 12,” said Larry Hammond. Side by side in the 1970s, Hammond and the late Bradley worked together for four years. “I affectionately called him ‘Big A’. He was just somebody you liked being around,” said Hammond. He tells 5NEWS Bradley was the […]

  • Group Needs Help Maintaining Veterans’ Flags At Local Cemetery

    SALLISAW (KFSM) — “Loved ones come out here when they bury their family, the veterans. And they put a flag up over them and (over time) they deteriorate,” explained Mike Mouzakis, the commander of the American Legion Post 27 in Sallisaw. The American Legion Post has taken it upon itself to maintain the flags posted near veterans’ graves at the Sallisaw City Cemetery. “I come out here and make a run through the cemetery just to see if they need […]

  • Local City Getting New Pharmacy After Walmart Closes

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Recently, Walmart announced it was closing its location in Waldron. With Friday (July 14th) being its final day of operation, the city is now looking at ways to move on. With the closing of the Walmart and its pharmacy, many in the town were worried about where they would get medical supplies. That’s why Harps is opening a pharmacy to help solve the problem. “It’s a relief to know we’ll know some of the pharmacists there, […]

  • Fort Smith Board Of Directors Asks Civil Service Commissioner For Recusal Following Vote

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — The Fort Smith Board of Directors agreed to ask the civil service commissioner to recuse himself from business while a lawsuit involving his law partner moves forward. With four in favor and three opposed, the board decided there does appear to be a potential conflict of interest with Chip Sexton holding his position as civil service commissioner. Sexton’s law partner, Joey McCutchen currently has a FOIA lawsuit against the board. Sexton is now being asked to […]

  • Little Girl From Local Television Commercial Now A Teenage Business Owner

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Abby Parker is the boss at Revamp’d, a local consignment store. “19-year old-Abby is my boss. And I’m 59 years old. It’s great,” one worker said. Just ten years ago, Parker was the face of a commercial run by a local store, Designer Again. Now, she’s taken on a bigger role running a spin-off of that store. “There’s just always something to do,” she said. Designer Again is her mother’s store. It’s in its 26th year […]