Charlie Edward’s career path is strange.

The Mokena, Illinois native spent two years after college making a feeble attempt at becoming a hockey scout. By the time the Lewis University graduate turned 23, he realized it was time to get his life together.

Thinking on his feet, Charlie put his broadcasting degree to use – anchoring and reporting sports for Naperville Community Television in Naperville, Illinois from May of 2014 until April of 2016. That April, he jumped into the affiliate game. Before coming to 5NEWS as the weekend anchor, he spent six months as the nightly news anchor at ABC 10 in Marquette, Michigan.

Other than reading, writing, and roller blading, Charlie currently has no hobbies, since no one in Arkansas plays hockey. But he’s hoping to fill the void with something else eventually.

If you have a hobby idea or, preferably, a story idea for Charlie, you can email him at, or find him on social media. @CharlieEdward5NEWS (Facebook), @5NEWSCharlieE (Twitter).

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