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  • Rogers Native Wins Big On ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

    RUSSELLVILLE (KFSM) — Shelby Benefield’s family and friends freaked out as they gathered to watch Shelby on ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. Shelby won a trip to the Bahamas and memories she won’t soon forget. “It was super weird to see myself on television. It’s a little embarrassing to see yourself on national television in a squirrel costume,” she laughed. “I couldn’t remember what I said or did. Very nerve racking.” Benefield will use the trip she won for a honeymoon […]

  • Community Shares Stories In ‘Me Too’ Movement

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A new movement has taken social media by storm with women posting the hashtag, “metoo”. This came about after allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein surfaced.¬† Dozens of women have claimed sexual assault against the film producer. Now women and some men are using the hashtag to share personal stories of sexual harassment and assault. Some locals are taking even more action to protect people from sexual harassment and assault. “I’m not surprised at the amount […]

  • Arrest Made After Dogs Allegedly “Dragged Behind Scooter”

    VAN BUREN (KFSM) — A man in Crawford County is behind bars after allegedly dragging two dogs behind a motorized scooter. After the horrifying ordeal, the two dogs are now recovering. “The pads of his feet are torn,” explained Rebecca Kascubowski with the Almost Home Shelter Rescue. According to a police report, police in Crawford County ran across two canines tied to a stop sign near Martin Road off the 1200 Block of Highway 282. “Animal control took him in,” […]

  • Man Donates Vehicles With Special Message To Community

    ALMA (KFSM) — The Alma Senior Center was in desperate need of new vehicles to deliver meals to homebound seniors until an anonymous man donated two SUVs. According to Lori Oliver at the Alma Senior Center, the man said, “God told him to.” “He said the Muslim community has given us these vehicles (and that) Muslims and Christians can live together and work together,” Oliver explained. She says the man said he wanted the community to see that, “not all […]

  • Fort Smith Drummer Okay After Las Vegas Shooting

    FORT SMITH(KFSM)– Fort Smith resident Tim Bland said he spoke with his son William Kirby Bland not long after the deadly shooting in Las Vegas. His son was playing drums in a band on the same stage where the Jason Aldean concert took place earlier that day. “He stayed to watch other bands perform when this happened,” Bland said. Bland said his son was not harmed, but is pretty emotional about what happened. He said he and his wife spoke […]

  • Local Woman Says Someone Posed As Her For More Than A Year

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — The thought of a stolen identity can be frightening. For Stacie Ford, a stolen identity, she claims, is her reality. “When I first found out, I was livid. I was so mad. I was furious,” she remarked. “I was contacted by the social security office — it was a report stating they needed information on an employment. And I looked at the letter and seen the employer’s name and I’ve never worked there my entire life.” […]

  • Local War Veteran Celebrates 95th Birthday By Flying Plane

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — With three wars and nearly a century of living under his belt, a local veteran is still putting his pilot’s license to use. The celebration of Hank Hauser’s 95th birthday begins on a warm, sunny September day at Fort Smith Regional Airport. “69 years you’ve had your pilot’s license,” remarked Hauser’s son. The grizzled veteran of the sky still conducts his usual plane check before each flight, as he did Tuesday (Sept. 26th). “(We’re) going to […]

  • Charleston School Was First In Community To Integrate

    CHARLESTON (KFSM) — As she sat on the park bench in front of the high school, Mary Belle-Ervin recalled starting her Charleston schooling in the first grade. As we remember the Little Rock Nine on the 60th anniversary, she too remembers when Charleston became the first to integrate in our community. “There were a few that did object, but they weren’t the majority,” she said. They certainly weren’t the majority when the Charleston School Board voted on the agenda item. […]

  • The Story Behind The Human Cannonball At A Fair Near You

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A record-breaking human cannonball is making the rounds around the country — including here at home. ¬†David “The Bullet” Smith is stopping in at the Arkansas-Oklahoma Fair for 22 shows. “This is always scary,” he said of the performance, which he’s done for 21 years. Such is life for the human cannonball. While everyone else enjoyed the rides, games, food, and prizes, Smith prepared to fly 150 feet into a red net. “The devil’s in the […]

  • Senior Center Struggling To Deliver Meals To Homebound Seniors

    ALMA (KFSM) — As she revved the engine of one of the cars, it roared an abnormal roar. “It sounds terrible,” remarked Lori Oliver of the Alma Senior Center. The senior center is struggling to deliver meals to seniors. “We deliver around 150 ‘Meals On Wheels’ to Alma.” It’s struggling because its fleet of vehicles are in bad shape. “Our mechanic told us he’s just putting Band-Aids on them now because there’s really not a whole lot he can do.” […]

  • Local Heads Mission To Restore Century Old Chapel

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — He pointed out the cracks on the stairs built more than 100 years ago. 100 years later, Vincent Scott is trying to repair those cracks. The cracks on a building sitting in the middle of the National Historic Register. “There’s something about it that just says history,” he said as he eyed it. The Quinn Chapel comes with a bevy of issues. “What’s not the issue?” Scott joked. The stained glass panels are broken, covered poorly […]

  • EMT Receives ‘Hometown Hero’ Award After Rescuing Young Girl

    CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) — Ryan Ciampoli was honored Tuesday as the Fire-Dex ‘Hometown Hero’. “I still replay the same scenario back and forth,” he said. He was recalling an incident in which a 4-year-old girl falls from the back of a moving bus in Harrison. Ciampoli, in a dash, came to her rescue. “The first week or two, it was pretty bad thinking about it,” he said, “worrying if I did the right thing.” Some believe it’s wrong to move […]