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  • Three Years Later, 5NEWS Reporter Runs In Memory Of Father

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — You may know her from our newscasts. Krystle Sherrell is a reporter for 5NEWS. Over the past several months, Sherrell has worked hard to transform her life. And today, her hard work paid off. She ran in the sixth annual True Grit Ride 100, three years to the day her father, Mario, passed away. But, three months ago is when the story got its legs. “I’ve been eating healthier and I’ve lost about 35 pounds,” said […]

  • Fort Smith Recycling Agreement Reached

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — An agreement has been reached on the recycling issue in Fort Smith. You may remember the city of Fort Smith revealing it had been dumping all recyclable materials into the landfill with the trash since last July. Tuesday night, the building was packed with people who wanted to know more about the agreement, which passed in favor, four to one. The president of the company the agreement was reached with, Third Rock Recycling, explained, “To simplify, […]

  • Man Who Took Viral Video, Those Who Knew Man In Video Speak Out

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — In a now-viral video, a Fort Smith man ran into a local gas station and in a hysteric state — claimed he was poisoned. The man who took the video, Cleavon Kursh said, “I came here (to the store) and the guy came around the corner. He was yelling, ‘they’re trying to kill me,’ but nobody was chasing him.” “He come running into the store,” employee Angel Griffith said, “yelling for help that somebody gave him […]

  • Local Business Broken Into, Alleged Thieves Caught On Camera

    VAN BUREN (KFSM) — A local business broken into by thieves finds its stolen property. “It’s like one of our kids,” said store co-owner, Justin Haughton. Machine Power Equipment & Supply does service on most any kind of heavy equipment. “Probably about one (in the morning) we got a call from the highway patrol that we had a unit turned upside down in the middle of 64 highway.” That call was about stolen property — and the alleged thieves were […]

  • Fort Smith City Directors Pass Resolution Asking Commission To Overturn Decision

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A local police chief is wanting to make changes to his department, but the civil service commission is standing in his way. Fort Smith city directors talked about a non-binding resolution on Tuesday (June 6) that asks the commission to step out of the way. The non-binding resolution asks for the civil service commission to overturn a decision it made to deny Fort Smith Police Chief Nathaniel Clark’s request to hire external applicants. It passed with […]

  • Local Chiropractor Reacts To ‘Runners’ Issue

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — You might find them at the scene of a car accident or at your local police station. They’re called “marketers,” “procurers” or “runners,” and some chiropractors use them to collect accident reports. In Oklahoma, the practice is illegal. However, in Arkansas, it’s fair game. Some chiropractors said it has brought a rain cloud over the industry state-wide. Dr. Josh Seubold is a local chiropractor who doesn’t agree with the practice. “I’m not a witch hunter either,” […]

  • Department Clears Air On Varied Reaction To Viral Post

    LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) — You might remember a viral post made by a LeFlore County sergeant. It claimed — humorously — to be looking for the owner of “lost property.” The “lost property” was nearly 56 grams of seized drugs. Though it was intended as a joke, Sergeant Terry Winn said some didn’t take it that way. “Our intent is not to be popular. It’s to draw attention to issues we have in our communities. If we can do that […]

  • Dog Saves Family From Burning Home, Then Goes Missing

    ALMA (KFSM) — A family dog comes to the rescue just to end up missing. “We had a grease fire in the kitchen and my son was asleep in his bedroom,” said Kristall Hays, who was away at the Steel Horse Rally when the fire took place. She continued, “Luckily, our dog was out back. She was barking at his bedroom window to try to wake him because she knew something was wrong. Kristall’s son, Chris did wake up. Ruby […]

  • Trial Lawyer Reveals Emails Regarding Recycling Controversy

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — You may remember the city of Fort Smith admitting to not recycling material for nearly a year or more; but instead, it collected both trash and recyclables and put them in the same pile at the landfill. Last week, the Fort Smith board of directors discussed the idea of stockpiling recyclables until a permanent resolution is found. During that meeting, attorney Joey McCutchen spoke referring to a memorandum he said at least five members of the board […]

  • Beloved Family Tree Lost In Storms Estimated To Be Century Old

    OZARK (KFSM) — There were downed trees throughout the area after Thursday (May 19) night’s storms. One lost tree in particular meant a lot to a local family. “It’s kind of like a family memory and it’s sad that it’s gone,” said Ronny Drain. Early in the morning, the Ozark home owner was woken by a loud crash. “So I looked out the front door. Just at that moment, we had a blast of lightning. And when it did, I […]

  • Lau: “I’m Appalled That Happened”, Some City Leaders Apologize, Discuss Recycling Issue

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Some Fort Smith city leaders apologized while others voiced strong opinions on Fort Smith’s recycling controversy during the board of director’s meeting on Tuesday night (May 17). A last-second item added to the agenda brought the recycling issue to the forefront again once again. The board of directors gathered Tuesday to discuss whether or not to stockpile recyclables in a different portion of the landfill until a permanent solution is found. In the end, the board decided to […]

  • Local Business Recovering From Flood Waters; Working Twelve Hour Days

    TAHLEQUAH (KFSM) — The flooding from a few weeks ago may be long gone, but it’s still impacting people where you live. Recently, the Illinois River abandoned its normally timid, scenic view. Flood waters caused chaos for the locals and business owners. The property owner at Eagle Bluff Resorts says the water was thirty feet higher than normal. He’s been working 12 hour days ever since. “The river, it actually takes about two days to reach its peak from when […]