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  • London Attack: ISIS Claims Follower Was Behind Rampage That Killed Three Victims

    LONDON (CNN) –Police investigating the deadliest London terror attack in 12 years named the perpetrator Thursday as a 52-year-old British man, Khalid Masood. “Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack,” a Metropolitan Police statement said. Masood, who was born in Kent and is thought to have been living in the West Midlands, had previous convictions for violence. Police arrested eight people in raids around […]

  • Arkansas Boy With Rare Skin Disorder Befriends Dog With Same Condition

    CANBY, Ore. – An 8-year-old Arkansas boy with a rare skin disorder met a dog in Oregon with the same condition and it’s something the boy and his mom say they will never forget. Carter Blanchard and Rowdy, a black Lab, are connected through the white spots caused by vitiligo, a disorder without a known cause that destroys pigment-producing cells. UPDATE ON ROWDY . Rowdy saw a neurologist in the ER today. They are not sure if it was a […]

  • Tomi Lahren’s Show Pulled For A Week After Abortion Comments

    (CNN) — Tomi Lahren’s ascent to conservative media stardom has been propelled by a contentious spirit that is on full display whenever she takes aim at her political adversaries. But now Lahren is apparently the one getting dressed down. The Blaze, a conservative media outlet founded by Glenn Beck that carries Lahren’s nightly talk show, said Monday that the show will be off the air for a week. The Daily Caller, citing multiple unnamed sources, characterized the programming decision as […]

  • Tennessee Manhunt: No Sign Of Teacher And Teenager

    (CNN) — Despite hundreds of tips, authorities still don’t know the whereabouts of a 15-year-old Tennessee teenager and her former high school teacher, who is charged in her abduction. Tad Cummins, 50, who taught forensics at a high school in Culleoka, Tennessee, and Elizabeth Thomas, a freshman, have not been seen for more than a week, leading police to believe that he may be hiding her or that they have fled far from the state, according to the Tennessee Bureau […]

  • U.K. Follows U.S. With Laptop Ban On Some Flights From Mideast

    LONDON — The United Kingdom has followed the United States in preventing passengers on flights from some countries in the Middle East and Africa from carrying devices such as laptops and tablets in the cabin. The restrictions affect 14 airlines, six of which are based in the U.K. As in the U.S., the ban covers any electronic devices larger than a typical smartphone. “The additional security measures may cause some disruption for passengers and flights, and we understand the frustration […]

  • That Big Chicken Video Isn’t A Fake, But It Is Terrifying

    If you haven’t seen “The big chicken video,” find a comfortable place to sit, because nothing can prepare you for the moment this behemoth rolls out of his coop looking like the final boss in a video game. Warning: This post contains foul language.  Am I the only person wondering why this chicken is so damn big 🤔🤔🤔 — LifesBook_Ceo (@LifesBook_Ceo) March 19, 2017 That is a huge chicken! Planet Earth needs a whole episode dedicated to this dude. […]

  • Boy Sprayed, Dog Killed By Cyanide Planted By U.S. Department Of Agriculture

    POCATELLO Idaho – The family of a teenage boy sprayed by a cyanide explosive that killed their dog is outraged they weren’t told the device was planted near their home, the East Idaho News reports. Canyon Mansfield, 14, went on a walk Thursday afternoon with his family’s 3-year-old yellow Labrador, Casey, on a hill behind their Pocatello home on Buck Skin Road. “I see this little pipe that looked like a sprinkler sticking out of the ground,” Canyon told “I go […]

  • Comey Confirms FBI Investigating Trump-Russia Collusion

    (CNN) — FBI Director James Comey said Monday he had no information to support claims by President Donald Trump that he was wiretapped by his predecessor, Barack Obama. “I have no information that supports those tweets,” Comey told the House Intelligence Committee, adding that the Justice Department, along with the FBI, had no information to support the allegations. Comey said that no president could order a wiretapping operation against anyone. Comey also publicly confirmed for the first time that his […]

  • Meet ‘Sesame Street’s’ Muppet With Autism

    (CNN) — The newest resident of “Sesame Street” has orange hair and a fondness for her toy rabbit. She also has autism. Julia has been a part of the “Sesame Street” family via its storybooks and was so popular that the decision was made to add the character to the TV series. On Sunday viewers got to meet her during a “60 Minutes” segment. “I think the big discussion right at the start was, ‘How do we do this? How […]

  • Police: Hunt Continues For Armed Teacher Who Kidnapped Student

    ATLANTA (CNN) — Six days without a credible tip — that’s how long authorities have been digging for answers in the alleged abduction of a 15-year-old by a teacher at her Culleoka, Tennessee, high school. A lawyer for Elizabeth Thomas’ father said the teen’s alleged abductor is armed, dangerous and “obviously a man who is not in control of his faculties.” On Saturday (Mar. 18), the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation updated its Amber Alert explaining how little has turned up […]

  • Dad’s Case Of Strep Throat Leads To Amputations

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (CNN) — A Michigan man is feeling grateful after surviving a strep throat infection that led to amputations of parts of his hands and feet and nearly cost his life. Kevin Breen, 44, developed an extremely rare strep infection shortly after his son fought off a case of strep throat. The infection, caused by streptococcal bacteria, typically affects the throat and the tonsils. Around Christmas, Breen began to develop flu-like symptoms, and he visited an urgent care […]

  • Sen. Tom Cotton: Collusion Allegations ‘Unsubstantiated’; No Evidence Of Wiretapping

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. Tom Cotton on Sunday (Mar. 19) previewed an upcoming House hearing on Russia’s meddling in the US election, saying FBI Director James Comey’s testimony Monday would address “unsubstantiated allegations” of dealings between Moscow and President Donald Trump’s campaign. “I do think it’s important that we look at the broader context here,” Cotton said on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper. “The House committee hearing tomorrow is going to be in part about the unsubstantiated […]