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  • Microsoft Co-Founder Pledges $30 Million To House Seattle’s Homeless

    The man who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates has pledged $30 million to house Seattle’s homeless. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said Wednesday the city was partnering with Paul G. Allen’s family foundation to build a facility to house homeless families with children. Allen’s foundation will provide $30 million toward the development of the facility, while the city of Seattle has pledged $5 million for its maintenance and operation. It will be owned and operated by Mercy Housing Northwest, a nonprofit […]

  • United Airlines Reaches Settlement With Passenger Who Was Dragged Off Plane

    (CNN) — United Airlines just reached a settlement with Dr. David Dao, the passenger who was violently dragged off a flight earlier this month in an incident that created an firestorm for the company. Dao’s lawyers announced the deal Thursday but did not disclose the financial terms of the settlement. The announcement includes praise for United CEO Oscar Munoz from Thomas Demetrio, one of his lawyers. “Mr. Munoz said he was going to do the right thing, and he has,” […]

  • Hilton To Hire Another 20,000 Veterans By 2020

    Hilton representatives said the hotel chain plans to hire 20,000 veterans by 2020. The hotel announced the plan, which includes spouses, dependents and caregivers, on Wednesday. Hilton (HLT) recently completed a plan it launched in 2013 to hire 10,000 veterans It hired the most veterans in Florida, Texas and California, which all have large veteran populations, as well as Nevada, South Carolina and Hawaii. The unemployment rate for vets who have been on active duty since September 2001, a group known […]

  • White House Considering Order To Withdraw From NAFTA

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — The White House is considering withdrawing from NAFTA in the coming days, though President Donald Trump has not yet decided how to proceed, two senior administration officials confirmed to CNN Wednesday. The White House is currently mulling an executive order declaring the US’ intent to withdraw from NAFTA, a move that could trigger a renegotiation of the trade pact rather than outright withdrawal, the officials said. But Trump could also simply launch the US into re-negotiations of […]

  • Trump Calls For Dramatic Tax Cuts For Individuals And Businesses

    The Trump administration has finally outlined its new tax proposal, which leans heavily on tax cuts. So far, President Trump wants to slash individual tax rates — cutting the top rate from 39.6% to 35% — and reduce the number of total rates from seven to three. He also wants to cut the top tax rate for all businesses to 15%, far below the current top rates. The administration’s tax outline still leaves many questions unanswered and will be met […]

  • Cops Use Murdered Woman’s Fitbit To Charge Her Husband

    (CNN) — The attack, as Richard Dabate described it to police, was horrific. A masked intruder barged into his Connecticut home, he said, tied up and tortured him and — when his wife came home — shot and killed her. His story, however, would not hold up with investigators. And when cops ultimately charged him with murdering his wife, they relied on evidence gathered from an unlikely source: The Fitbit his wife was wearing. It was December 23, 2015. Dabate […]

  • Numerous States Considering Anti-Protest Bills

    (CNN) — Spencer DesAuteles was standing in a crosswalk at a protest against President Donald Trump’s travel ban in January when he and two other people were hit by a car. The Tennessee resident, who was working as a volunteer to keep protestors safe from traffic, said he had the legal right of way when a driver rolled through the intersection. “I stopped in front of this car,” DesAuteles recounted. “We made eye contact. The driver stopped and then just […]

  • Coca-Cola To Cut 1,200 Jobs As Sales Slump

    Coca-Cola’s sales continue to fizzle — and the company is planning to cut 1,200 jobs to try and get back on track. Coke (KO) said in its earnings report Tuesday that the layoffs, which will begin in the second half of this year, are part of a broader cost cutting plan aimed at saving $800 million. The layoffs are a relatively small fraction of the company’s overall headcount. Coke employs more than 100,000 people worldwide. Incoming CEO James Quincey said […]

  • Ontario Launches Guaranteed Income Program For 4,000 Residents

    ONTARIO (CNNMoney) — The Canadian province of Ontario will become the latest place to test a guaranteed income program for low-income residents. The provincial government launched a pilot program on Monday that will provide 4,000 people with a guaranteed income, regardless of their employment status. The idea of a guaranteed — or “basic” — income is gaining currency around the globe. Supporters say the schemes offer workers greater security, especially as technological advances reduce the need for human labor. They […]

  • Second Copy Of Declaration Of Independence Discovered

    (CNN) — A second parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence has been found. In England, of all places. It’s a remarkable discovery, because the only other parchment manuscript copy of the historic document is housed behind glass at the National Archives in Washington, DC. You see, most copies of the Declaration of Independence are just that — copies. They are facsimiles of the one housed in the National Archives, which is called the Matlack Declaration and regarded as the […]

  • Four-Year-Old Falls Out Of Moving Bus In Harrison

    HARRISON (CNN) — It’s a scene that would make any parent shudder — a 4-year-old girl tumbles out of the back of a moving bus in the middle of a busy highway. Video of the incident shows the back door of the bus springing open and the young girl plummeting to the road. “I couldn’t believe it, it was so shocking,” said Ryan Ciampoli, who was driving behind the bus in Harrison, Arkansas. Ciampoli, who is a trained emergency medical […]

  • New Orleans Begins Controversial Removal Of Confederate Monuments

    (CNN) — In the dark of night, workers wearing masks and tactical vests arrived Monday at New Orleans’ Battle of Liberty Place monument to take it down. Police snipers were positioned on nearby rooftops, according to The Times-Picayune newspaper, and the trucks and equipment used in the operation had company names covered by cardboard and black tape. The controversial removal was the first of four scheduled relocations of Confederate memorials in the city, despite weeks of opposition from pro-monument groups […]