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  • Renaissance Faire Of The Ozarks Attracts Hundreds

    FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – The fifth annual Renaissance Faire of the Ozarks was held at the Washington County Fairgrounds this weekend (April 18-19). The event attract hundreds of locals and out-of-towners. Highlights of the event included an axe-throwing station, belly dancers, flame jugglers and live music from several medieval bands. The fair also had their own royalty. A cast of 25 actors performed scenes from the Renaissance era. Sir Donal Laird McRae was one of the actors. “You get to teach […]

  • Rogers Fire Department Responds To Liquid Argon Leak

    ROGERS (KFSM) – The Rogers Hazard Response unit responded to a chemical leak Sunday evening (April 19) at a business on Olive Street. Chief Tom Jenkins said a passerby saw a leak coming from an outdoor storage tank, then called police. He said the small leak was liquid argon, and said there was no threat to people nearby.  He said only about a gallon leaked from the 525 gallon tank. Jenkins said the property is an industrial complex called The […]

  • Fayetteville Group Lobbies To Ban Smoking In Workplaces

    FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A local grassroots group is looking to make all workplaces in Fayetteville smoke free. Jamie Thornton is a volunteer with Smoke Free Fayetteville. He said all residents of Fayetteville deserve to breathe clean air. “Fayetteville is such an awesome community, we think by doing this it would only make it better, it would enhance the value of Dickson street, you wouldn’t have to go home and take a shower immediately from coming home from the bars at […]

  • Razorback Student Athletes Give Back To Community

    FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Athletes from the University of Arkansas teamed up with Tyson Saturday morning (April 18) to collect thousands of pounds of food that will go to local food banks. More than two dozen students helped move 30,000 pounds of donated protein from Tyson trucks to vehicles that were headed to the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. Senior volleyball player Meredith Hays volunteered her time. “I was blessed enough to be raised in family that I didn’t have to worry about where my next […]

  • Jonathon Guthrie

    Principal Selected For Bentonville West High School

    BENTONVILLE (KFSM) – A principal has been selected for the new Bentonville West High School scheduled to open in fall 2016, according to a spokesman for the Bentonville School District. Jonathon Guthrie is currently the principal at Lincoln Junior High, but starting in July of this year, he will begin preparing to take on the role of principal of Bentonville West. “We want to make sure we get this right, when we open Bentonville West it has to be right, […]

  • Development Coming To Area Around Arvest Ballpark

    SPRINGDALE (KFSM)- The land surrounding Arvest Ballpark has remained mostly undeveloped since the opening of the stadium in 2008, but Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse told 5NEWS that will soon change. “It sits in the middle of Northwest Arkansas, it’s in the middle of a half a million people, and the crossroads of two of the major corridors in Northwest Arkansas, so we know the time is coming and I think it’s almost here,” Sprouse said. He said right now the area […]

  • Greenland Man Spearheads Bill To Honor Veterans Of Lebanon Conflict

    GREENLAND (KFSM) – A Northwest Arkansas veteran spearheaded a bill that was recently signed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson that recognizes veterans for their service in the Lebanon conflict in the early 1980s. Steve Foster is a retired sailor and an Elkins native, and served in Lebanon from February of 1984 to the end of 1985. Foster said he arrived in Beirut four months after a suicide bomber killed 240 Marines. “My brothers gave blood, tears, sweat and we’re no different […]

  • Springdale Police Search For Two Suspects In Deadly Gang-Related Shooting

    SPRINGDALE (KFSM) –  Police are looking for two suspects in connection with a fatal gang-related shooting that happened in Springdale Saturday (April 11), according to the Springdale Police Department. Police said they are looking for Rodolfo Martinez, 18, who is believed to be the shooter. They are also searching for Giovanni Vasquez -Sanchez, 17, who will turn 18 in a couple of days. Martinez faces felony charges of capital murder and engaging in continuing criminal enterprise. Giovanni faces charges of accomplice to […]

  • Heart Walk At Arvest Ballpark Saturday

    SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – On Saturday (April 11), the annual American Heart Association heart walk will raise awareness about heart conditions and the people who have them. Alicia Funa has participated in the event for the last three years. Her daughter, Aubrey, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect when she was 40 hours old. “She was starting to turn blue, so we were just completely shocked, we went from having a completely healthy baby to realizing she had a heart […]

  • Local Farmer Holds Global Record For Food Safety

    PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) – A Prairie Grove farmer has been rated No.1 in the world for his food safety procedures in an audit by Global Gap, a German-based organization that sets food safety standards for agricultural products. The farmer, Dave Sargent, 75,  is a big supplier of produce to local Walmarts. Sargent said he retired as a dairy farmer when he was 62, then decided he wanted to try something new. When he began growing produce 10 years ago, he only had a […]

  • Greenland School Storm Shelters Open To Community

    GREENLAND (KFSM) – Greenland School District is one of the only schools in Northwest Arkansas that has storm shelters for its students. Three times a year students from each school go to their storm shelter to practice in case of severe weather. “Old school was to go out in the hallway, tuck your head between your legs and hope for the best,” Elementary principal Alan Barton said. He said the school got a FEMA grant in 2004 that covered the […]

  • War Eagle Mill Puts On ‘Hoppy Easter’ Event

    ROGERS (KFSM) – The rain Sunday (April 5) afternoon affected several Easter events across the area, including the Easter celebration at War Eagle Mill. The kids were forced to move inside, but they still managed to have some fun. Four-year-old Stone Sarna told 5NEWS exactly what happened at the event. “The Easter bunny is here to play with me, and we went upstairs and the Easter bunny hid all the eggs and I don’t have any so the kids share […]


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