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Ashley Beck is a native of Siloam Springs -- the place she calls the best little town in Arkansas -- and is glad to be working in this area.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. While in Phoenix, she worked in the newsroom at KPHO, the CBS affiliate, and worked in radio at KASC The Blaze.
She also spent a year and half in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, at WJFW as their weekend anchor. She learned the ropes of news, where she reported, produced, and was her own photographer... and did it all covered in snow.

Ashley returned home in 2004 and joined 5NEWS as a morning anchor. She is currently an evening anchor alongside Daren Bobb and Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis

When she's not chugging coffee and checking headlines, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen, playing tennis, or spending time with her 8-pound schnoodle Coco.

You can find her on Facebook.

Recent Articles
  • Courtesy: YouTube

    BLOG: Daddy, Don’t Steal My Ear

    The “I Stole Your Nose” trick was not met with laughs from a precious toddler. Jesse Fulcher was spending time with his little boy before bed when he decided to play the game to see what his response would be. The reaction, as his dad put it, is priceless.

  • Courtesy: YouTube

    BLOG: Retiring Teacher Surprised By Former Students

    Many students across the area are returning to school today. It will be a new year, new teacher, and new adventures. We found a video depicting the effect teachers have on their students as a retiring teacher is surprised by former students after 41 years of impacting lives.

  • Courtesy: finecooking.com

    BLOG: Have Some Pie

    Are you hungry? Today marks National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. Lemon fans and pie fans can find happiness in the shortbread pastry with lemon curd filing and meringue topping.  Meringue, toasted egg white, were introduced in the nineteenth century.

  • Courtesy: doctorshangout.com

    BLOG: Best Paying Jobs of 2014

    What are the best paying jobs? CareerCast is out with it’s list of the top paying careers, all of which are in the six figures. Most of the jobs require specialized education with seven out of the ten in healthcare and requiring a second degree. Surgeon with an annual median salary of $233,150 General Practice Physician with an annual median salary of $187,200 Psychiatrist with an annual median salary of $178,950 Orthodontist with an annual median salary of $149,310 Dentist with an […]

  • Courtesy: calendar-printable.com

    BLOG: Famous Lefties

    April 13, 2014 marks “Left Handers Day.” The International Club behind the movement say the day is meant to celebrate left handed individuals and increase awareness of the advantages and disadvantages which come with it.  The day was started in 1992 and is now celebrated worldwide. In honor of the day, here are the Top 10 Lefties according to Time. Barack Obama Bill Gates Oprah Winfrey Babe Ruth Napoleon Bonaparte Leonardo da Vinci Marie Curie Aristotle Ned Flanders Jimi Hendrix

  • Source: AAP

    BLOG: Zonkey Born at International Zoo

    A zoo in Crimea is welcoming its newest member, a cross between a zebra and donkey. The hybrid is known as zonkey or zebroid. Cross breeding between the two is rare and generally frowned upon. Zoo officials at Taigan zoo park in southern Crimea reportedly say the hybrid was not a forced breeding. The zonkey is named Telegraph.

  • Courtesy: YouTube

    BLOG: Yo-Yo Champion On Display

    California native Gentry Stein takes the World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague, Czech Republic by storm as he took the title of World Yo-Yo Champion. His August 9th performance is not only impressive to the judges, but gaining clicks online as well.

  • Courtesy: top10rankings.org

    BLOG: Colleges With The Top SAT/ACT Scores

    College kids are packing up and heading back to the dorms. They have often taken standardized tests many times in preparation for higher education. The top 25 colleges ranked by SAT scores has recently been published. You can find the complete list of the top ranked colleges based on test scores and the speicific scores of SAT average Critical Reading and Math Scores as well as ACT scores here. California Institute of Technology University of Chicago Harvard University Princeton University […]

  • Courtesy: Jon Hicks/Getty Images

    BLOG: America’s Coolest Cities

    Forbes is out with its list of the coolest cities in America. The cities are ranked based on entertainment, recreational amenities, food, diversity, age, and population growth. If  you’re looking for a place to explore and have some fun, you may want to check out the ten cities which made the list. 1. Washington, D.C. 2. Seattle 3. Austin, Texas 4. Houston 5. San Francisco 6. San Diego 7. Denver 8. Riverside, California 9. Boston 10. Dallas

  • Courtesy: YouTube

    BLOG: Viral Video-One Cure To a Fussy Baby

    Have a fussy baby on your hands? One mom found the cure to bringing the crying to an end and a smile to her cute baby’s face is a Kate Perry song. Watch as this cutie goes from upset to jamming in this video which has more than five million hits.

  • Courtesy: charlestoncvb.com

    BLOG: South Dominates in List of Friendliest U.S. Cities

    The South is known for its hospitality. Manners, welcoming spirits, and being friendly often come to mind when thinking about those who live in the southern part of the country. It seems the South holds some of the friendliest cities int he country, as deemed by a recent survey of Conde Nast Traveler. 1. Charleston, S.C. 2. Savannah, Ga. 3. San Antonio, Texas 4. Telluride, Colo. 5. New Orleans, La. 6. Fort Worth, Texas 7. Jackson Hole, Wyo. 8. Key […]

  • Courtesy: YouTube

    BLOG: This Dog Has Breaks

    Talk about a slow down. When Stella the lab gets tired, her body seems to let her know by putting on the breaks. Her owners say when she gets tired from playing, her back legs drag which cause her to come to a stop. It appears Stella doesn’t mind the attention when she decides it’s time for a little rest.


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