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Ashley Beck is a native of Siloam Springs -- the place she calls the best little town in Arkansas -- and is glad to be working in this area.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. While in Phoenix, she worked in the newsroom at KPHO, the CBS affiliate, and worked in radio at KASC The Blaze.
She also spent a year and half in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, at WJFW as their weekend anchor. She learned the ropes of news, where she reported, produced, and was her own photographer... and did it all covered in snow.

Ashley returned home in 2004 and joined 5NEWS as a morning anchor. She is currently an evening anchor alongside Daren Bobb and Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis

When she's not chugging coffee and checking headlines, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen, playing tennis, or spending time with her 8-pound schnoodle Coco.

You can find her on Facebook.

Recent Articles
  • Courtesy: burntimpressions.com

    BLOG: Selfie Toast

    Talk about waking up to a selfie. The president and CEO of a toaster company is taking selfie to a new extreme with the “selfie toaster.” Galen Dively and his company, Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp., can help you give a unique gift or just make your family smile by taking a photo and turning it into a metal plate which will burn the image into your favorite piece of bread. The company also helps you create “custom toast” and “toast […]

  • Courtesy: thenibble.com

    BLOG: Have a Gummi Worm Today

    What National Day is today? July 15th marks National Gummi Worm Day. The popular gelatin and sugar candy was invented in Germany in 1922  in the form of gummi bears but didn’t make its way to America until 1981. It was then, the gummi worm was born, developed for the shock factor by the company Trolli. Today, gummi candies come in a variety of types and flavors. “Gummi ” means rubber in German.

  • Photo: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images

    BLOG: America’s Richest Families

    Forbes is out with its list of America’s richest families. To qualify, families must have a combined net worth of $1 billion. The list is compiled based on assets, real estate, art and cash, and debt. America’s Richest Families according to Forbes 1. Walton family = $152 Billion 2. Koch family = $89 Billion  3. Mars family = $60 Billion  4. Cargill-MacMillan family = $43 Billion     5. (Edward) Johnson family = $39 Billion 6. Hearst family = $35 Billion 7. […]

  • Hostess Brands

    BLOG: Chocodiles Make a Comeback

    It was marketed as the “sweetest comeback in the history of ever” as Hostess emerged from  a bankruptcy induced shut-down.  Nearly a year later, the company known for it’s snack cakes is not only back in business, but is bringing back some of their products as well.  The Twinkies producer announced they are bringing back the Chocodile, a chocolate covered Twinkie nationwide this month. The Chocodile is a chocolate covered sponge cake with creamy filling.

  • Courtesy: Schlitterbahn Water Park

    BLOG: World’s Tallest Water Slide Opens

    It is deemed as the tallest water slide in the world, and it is now open at a Kansas City, Kansas water park. The Verrückt water slide at Schlitterbahn Water Park  comes in at 17-stories and is 168-feet-tall. The slide was deemed the tallest in the world by the Guinness World Records in April. The water slide was scheduled to open in May, but was pushed back to undergo more testing. The ride opened this week. Riders must be at […]

  • Courtesy: mccormick.com

    BLOG: Have A Cookie

    July 9th is meant to add a little sweetness to your life. The day marks National Sugar Cookie Day, and honors the ever popular cookie and holiday favorite. Sugar cookies are made from staple ingredients which many people already have in their homes, consisting of sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and either baking powder or baking soda. The sugar cookie is known for both its simplicity and it’s decadence. The cookie was created by German settlers in Pennsylvania in the 1770s and […]

  • Courtesy: arkansas.com

    BLOG: Local Business Creates Bentonville Video

    A local business out of Bentonville set out to capture the essence of their community. Adair Creative Group made it their mission to encapsulate what living in Bentonville is about, from the arts, to the downtown atmosphere, to the nature. Adair Creative Group states on their website they shot over five days in 40 locations and captured 16,497 photos to create a time lapse video of the culture and vibe of Bentonville. You can watch their video here.

  • Courtesy: mrjohnsons.co.uk

    BLOG: Worst Rat Cities in the World

    Do you like rats? Or, do rats make you cringe? Whether you love them or not, rats are known for their opportunistic ways, and often live with and near humans. It’s something that’s happened for thousands of years. They pair themselves with us looking for food and shelter.  Animal Planet found the following ten cities are the most rat-plagued. Top 10 Worst Rat Cities in the World 1) New York City, NY 2) Boston, MA. 3) Baltimore, MD 4) Chicago, […]

  • Courtesy: oklahomafarmreport.com

    BLOG: Cooking On The Grill

    Many Americans will celebrate their freedom by getting together with friends and family. In additional to honoring independence, many will gather around a barbecue. Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association finds July 4th as the most popular holiday for barbecuing at 71%, compared to Memorial Day (57%) and Labor Day (55%). Most popular items on the grill: Burgers – 85% Steak – 80% Hot Dogs – 79% Chicken 73% Most popular side dishes: Corn – 41% Potatoes – 41% Other Vegetables […]

  • Courtesy: bubblews.com

    BLOG: National Ice Cream Month

    July marks National Ice Cream Month. The designation was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The International Dairy Foods Association says nine percent of all milk produced is used to make ice cream. The USDA states about 1.53 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen desserts were produced in the U.S. in 2011. As for the most popular flavors, the International Dairy Foods Association says vanilla comes in number one. Rounding out the top five favorite flavors are chocolate, […]

  • Courtesy: okc.about.com

    BLOG: Top 10 Patriotic Cities

    Cities and town around the country are getting ready for Fourth of July celebrations. A new list ranks the top 10 most patriotic cities based on percentage of population in the armed forces, total spending of veterans, popularity of fireworks in July, and community and social service workers. 1. San Diego 2. San Antonio 3. Austin 4. Fort Worth 5. Oklahoma City 6. Las Vegas 7. Long Beach 8. El Paso 9. Colorado Springs 10. Houston

  • Courtesy: Ruaridh Connellan/Barcroft USA

    BLOG: 5 Inch Tall Cat

    Have you even seen a cat which looks more like a kitten? Pixel the cat measures in at five inches from shoulder to paw. Pixel’s owner says the family is extra careful with such a small cat walking around their California home. The cat is a munchkin cat, known for its short legs, and may be the smallest cat in the world. Reports show Pixel’s mother actually holds that title, measuring in at six inches.  The owner is waiting for the […]


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