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Aubry Killion comes to the River Valley all the way from New Orleans. The friendliness of Arkansans and the southern charm of the area make him feel at home. He is looking forward to exploring downtown Fort Smith and historic Van Buren, as well as venturing to the Sooner State.

Aubry is a graduate of the University of Mississippi's Meek School of Journalism and New Media. While Aubry was at Ole Miss, he worked as a reporter and correspondent for the campus TV station and interned with FOX 8 WVUE in New Orleans and CBS 3 WREG in Memphis.

While Aubry wasn't reporting, he served as a member of the Ole Miss Cheerleading team competing in national competitions covered by ESPN.

Aubry's hobbies outside of journalism include hiking and following SEC football.

Recent Articles

    Riverfront Blues Fest Kicks Off

    People from all over the region have traveled to Fort Smith’s Riverfront Blues Festival as they follow their favorite bands. Large crowds flocked to Harry E. Kelly Park to experience the event kick off and rhythm of the blues Friday (June 20). Directors of the fest said Paul Thorn is headlining the event but this year there will be a lot of local performers taking the stage as well. Blues fest director Dwight Hopkins said this is the 24th year […]

  • Bat

    GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman Attacked With Bat At Fort Smith Walmart

    [Editor's note: Warning: this surveillance video contains graphic content that some may find disturbing.] A River Valley man is behind bars after police said he attacked a woman with a baseball bat at Walmart on Sunday night (June 15). Fort Smith police said the incident happened at the Walmart on Rogers Avenue. Police said a man identified as Corey Mosley got a running start and struck a woman identified as Ashlyne Rogers in the head with a bat inside the store. […]

  • River Valley Man Makes Prosthetics To Help Paralympic Athletes

    A River Valley man who specializes in making prosthetics to help paralympic athletes made his debut on network television, and it happened on Channel 5 during “48 hours.” Francois Van Der Watt is the creator of the very blades that helped Oscar Pistorius cross the finish line into a world of fame and success. “It’s kind of surreal I was very captivated by the story itself I didn`t really realize it was me there,” Watt said. He works at Horton’s […]

  • Local Soldier Reacts To Possibility of Returning To Iraq

    Local reactions are mixed after President Barack Obama notified the U.S. Congress that up to 275 American Special Forces soldiers could be going to Iraq. Scott Morrow is from Arkansas and back at home after serving in Iraq. “I served in Iraq during the draw down in 2009 and 2010,” Morrow said. Morrow supports the idea of keeping more troops in the region to stabilize the area. “I’m O.K. with sending troops over there to help them,” Morrow said. “Because […]

  • Creekmore Park Swimming Pool

    Doctor Warns Swimmers Of Secondary Drowning

    It’s something many have probably never heard of. A child leaves the pool fine and then drowns 24 hours later. It’s known as secondary drowning. “It can happen from literally an hour to 24 hours from the initial event,” said Medical Director at Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith, Delilah Easom. “Say a child jumps off of a diving board or even an adult. They hit full in the face with water. Water can get past the vocal cords with water […]


    102-Year-Old School Fighting To Stay Open

    The clock is ticking for a 102-year old local school. According to school officials, they’re trying to raise close to three hundred thousand dollars by the end of June, or they will have to shut their doors. Panola, Okla. is a small town in Latimer county. There’s no street lights or shopping malls, but there is the school many call the heartbeat of the town, Panola Public Schools. “We are looking at 200 to 250 thousand dollars is what we […]

  • King

    Suspected Arrested In Muldrow Homicide Investigation

    Muldrow authorities have tentatively identified the body found yesterday as Terry Stuart, 62, using tattoos on his body.

  • Wakarusa Draws Big Crowds

    Thousands of people are still gathered in Franklin County for Wakarusa. Attendees of the major music festival said that the congestion isn’t stopping them from having a good time at Mulberry Mountain. Every bright color  imaginable swirled around in tie-dye shirts, costumes, and banners. “The fact that I’m here with all these beautiful people, and this beautiful mountain,” Princess Bryurn said. The costumes are crazy. “I’m trying to go for a ninja, slash rogue outfit,” Jonathon Taller said. A large […]

  • Wakarusa Comes To Town

    Wakarusa, one of the biggest music festivals in the state, is in town. The festival is expected to bring a much-welcomed boost to the local economy. “Our business will triple over what it would be if Wakarusa weren`t here for that four [to] five day period,” Brad Wimberly said. For the small town of Ozark, with large crowds coming to town, it is an important week for business. “Wednesday through Sunday, there is about 15,000 people expected to come through,” […]

  • ROB

    Fallen Soldier Remembered One Year Later

    A local family is honoring their loved one, who was killed overseas. Specialist Robert Allan Pierce was killed in Afghanistan while serving in the United States Army on June 3, 2013. He was 20-years-old. “You’re just lost,” said Kyle Dart, Pierce’s brother. “Really, it’s been a year and it’s still hard to grasp. To know that I’m 26-years-old, my little brother is gone, and he will not be here for the rest of my life.” Dart said his brother, a […]

  • New Firefighters To Come To Fort Smith Airport

    Plans are underway to put new firefighters at the Fort Smith Regional Airport. The airport needs a new fire crew to be sure the runways stay open. Without firefighters at the airport, that would mean no commercial flights. So directors met Monday (June 2) to devise a plan. Airport manager John Parker said they are using the 188th Fighter Wing in Fort Smith for fire services. Due to a mission change at the 188th that service is ending. “The current […]

  • eric shinseki

    Arkansas Lawmakers Speak Out On VA Scandal

    Arkansas lawmakers are speaking out after a scandal involving sometimes fatal delays at Veterans Affairs hospitals led to national VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation. Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor and Republican Rep. Tom Cotton said it was time for change at the top. “Secretary Shinseki needed to resign. I told him to resign over a week ago,” Cotton said. “I cannot say I was surprised on a personal note,” Pryor said. “I hate to see Gen. Shinseki leave this way, because […]