Daren Bobb

Daren Bobb has been a fixture in local media in western Arkansas since 1984. Originally from Jacksonville, Illinois, Daren graduated from the College of Broadcast Journalism at Lewis and Clark College in Godfrey, Illinois before moving to Fort Smith in 1984 to work in the news department at radio station, KTCS.

He first joined the KFSM news team in 1991, working behind the scenes as executive producer and newsroom manager. He remained with the station until 2000. In 1998, he also began working part-time for Clear Channel Radio, and in 2002, he became the full-time, on-air host on Newstalk 1650 KWHN in 2002.
In October 2006, he began his second tour of duty here at KFSM, where he serves as evening co-anchor.

Daren and his wife, Christine, have two children, Allison and Jake. They are active members of St. Boniface Catholic Church in Fort Smith, and Daren serves as President of the church's Men's Club. He also is the immediate past President of the Community Services Clearinghouse board in Fort Smith. He is also a member of Fort Smith Noon Exchange Club.

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