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Daren Bobb has been a fixture in local media in western Arkansas since 1984. Originally from Jacksonville, Illinois, Daren graduated from the College of Broadcast Journalism at Lewis and Clark College in Godfrey, Illinois before moving to Fort Smith in 1984 to work in the news department at radio station KTCS.

He first joined the KFSM news team in 1991, working behind the scenes as executive producer and newsroom manager. He remained with the station until 2000. In 1998, he also began working part-time for Clear Channel Radio, and in 2002, he became the full-time, on-air host on Newstalk 1650 KWHN.
In October 2006, he began his second tour of duty here at KFSM, where he serves as evening co-anchor.

Daren and his wife Christine have been married since August of 1985. They have two children, Allison and Jake. They are active members of St. Boniface Catholic Church in Fort Smith. He also is a past President of the Community Services Clearinghouse board in Fort Smith. He is President-elect of the Fort Smith Noon Exchange Club. He also serves on the United Way of Fort Smith board, the Hamilton House board and the Fort Smith Crimestoppers board.

Recent Articles
  • ‘Recession-Proof’ Bentonville, Proactive Marketing Campaign on The City Wire

    This weekend on The City Wire, the progression of our region, from potential jobs in the River Valley to the seemingly recession-proof City of Bentonville. Mike Malone, the President of the Northwest Arkansas Council joins us to talk about the region’s new proactive, external marketing strategy to draw in businesses to the region. Jobs could come to the River Valley after a company looks into placing a power line using wind mills from the Plains of Texas and Oklahoma east […]

  • Medical Marijuana, Casinos Could See Ballot

    This week on The City Wire, the Fort Smith City Administrator, Ray Gosack, talks about long and short-term goals for the city. The Fort Smith Symphony gears up for their Fall season, and Roby Brock, our state political analyst shows us poll results affecting the upcoming ballot.

  • Drought Lowers Lakes, Fails to Hydrate Herd; Experts Weigh In

    This week on The City Wire, the extreme drought continues it’s grip on the region. Jay Carter, CEO of Farmer’s Co-Op joins us to talk about how farmers are dealing with the lack of rainfall and excruciating heat. Carter also offers insight on those with home gardens. (It’s not all bad news.) Jared Trammel with Beaver Lake’s Corp of Engineers talks about how the extreme drought is lowering lake levels each day. The landmark Monte Ne tower is exposed, which […]

  • 30-Year Cancer Study Enrollment This Week

    How would you like to be a part of cancer research? The local Chapter of the American Cancer Society and Mercy Hospital Fort Smith has announced two dates in which you can enroll in a 30-year cancer prevention study. Enrollment appointments are set for June 19 and 20 in Mercy’s Hennessy Room. The National Cancer Society Campaign to sign up 300,000 people will include an estimated 300 people locally. “Anybody is allowed to participate between the ages of 30 and […]

  • Ballot Measures Discussed Among Officials On The City Wire

    On this week’s City Wire, a full bag of topics that could affect the state if they make it to the November ballot. Michael Lindsey with the Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce joins us with the chamber’s stance on issues affecting Northwest Arkansas specifically, like the battle to sell booze in Benton County, and the highway bond tax, funding for Interstate-540. Randy Zook, the President of the Arkansas State Chamber traveled from his office at the state capital. He has a […]

  • Lt. Gov. Darr: ‘Return State’s Surplus to Taxpayers’

    There’s something for everyone on this week’s City Wire. Doug Babb, CEO of Cooper Clinic brings the physicians response to the Supreme Court’s ruling of the health care mandate being upheld. Lt. Governor Mark Darr joins us on the program and brings his two cents on issue. Lt. Gov. Darr also talks about the state’s latest effort at becoming financially transparent, and his response when Daren Bobb asked him about a possible gubernatorial run in 2014.

  • Mandate Upheld, George’s Renovations Big Topics on The City Wire

    This week on The City Wire, Arkansas Hospital Association officials sound off and weigh in as the heathcare mandate is upheld in the Supreme Court. The Mayor of Van Buren, Bob Freeman, joins us to talk about what the city would get if they vote yes on a half-cent sale tax increase in the upcoming week. In our Arts & Entertainment segment, Brian Crowne, the owner of George’s Majestic Lounge talks about renovations underway that will benefit the band.

  • Successful Business, Unemployment Programs Highlighted on The City Wire

    On this week’s City Wire, Sen. Jake Files, R-Fort Smith, and Rep. Uvalde Lindsey, D-Fayetteville, sit down to talk about how neither of them had an opponent in the primary, and neither have an opponent in the general election in November. The two men talk about the state’s possibly historic makeup in the legislature coming up this fall. Plus, a local businesswoman shares her secrets to success as she owns one of the nations most fastest growing communications companies, that […]

  • Marshals Museum Update, Arkansas Senator Opposes Farm Bill in Washington

    On this week’s City Wire, United States Senator John Boozman joins us from Washington D.C. He talks about a bill he’s opposing in the capital, that he says will have a devastating impact on southern farmers. Plus, local funds raised for the Fort Smith Marshals Museum total $10 million. Construction could begin when that number reaches $30 million. The next step is to reach out nationally. Dustin McDaniel, the Arkansas Attorney General announces his run for the 2014 race for […]

  • Economic Health Ratings, Trash Vote Nixed on This Week’s City Wire

    On this week’s City Wire, Kevin Settle, a Fort Smith City Director talks about the trash automation system.  Also, the Fayetteville Shale Play will undoubtedly affect economic activity in the central counties of Arkansas. Hear what our state political analyst has to say about it.

  • Wolfe Running for President After Disagreeing With Obama’s Governance

    On this week’s City Wire, he’s a candidate for President of the United States earning 42% of Arkansas Democratic votes. John Wolfe joins us via Skype for a two-part interview about why he’s running, and his lawsuit involving the state of Arkansas. Plus, Fort Smith Director and Vice Mayor Kevin Settle says he will seek another vote on the city’s sexually-oriented business ordinance when a new Board is seated. Settle said the Board of Directors needs to revisit the ordinance […]

  • The City Wire Analyzes Numbers, Winners Post-Election

    This week on The City Wire, local and state political analysts weighed in post-election on the winners.