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Garrett Lewis, KFSM-TV's Chief Meteorologist, can be seen weeknights at 5, 6, & 10 p.m. Garrett's passion for forecasting and weather comes from growing up in the small Arkansas town of Alma. Garrett has witnessed some of the most amazing weather events unfold in our area including the 1996 Van Buren tornado, the crippling ice storms of 2000 & 2009, the flooding of 2004, 2006 Benton County tornado, & the 2011 Altus-Denning EF4 Twister.

"At the end of the day, people just want to know whether or not it's going to rain & how much the weather will impact their life. Snow, tornadoes, rain, sunshine... weather is the only thing that affects everybody... everyday. I love my job. There's nothing in the world better than forecasting weather for Arkansas & Oklahoma."

Some of his most memorable weather moments stem from storm chasing in the Great Plains, including the May 3, 1999 outbreak which spawned several tornadoes in Central Oklahoma. Garrett also reported live in 100mph winds as Hurricane Lili made landfall near New Iberia, Louisiana. In fact, Garrett's passion for weather led to an unusual hobby: collecting hailstones and freezing them in the refrigerator.

Garrett joined 5NEWS in December 1999 and went on-air in July of 2001. Garrett now works as the Chief Meteorologist and can be seen at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. on 5NEWS. Garrett first attended Westark College (Now, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith). His weather credentials come from Mississippi State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geosciences with an emphasis in Broadcast Meteorology.

In addition, Garrett has been awarded both the 'National Weather Association's Seal of Approval' Seal #1581 and the American Meteorological Society's Seal of Approval. Seal #0410878. Garrett has been recognized by the Arkansas Associated Press for his weathercasts including the award of 'Best Weathercast' multiple times.

Off camera, Garrett sits on the board of the Benton County Children's Advocacy Center and the State of Arkansas' board for Children's Advocacy Centers of Arkansas. Both advocate for child protection and for the prevention and treatment of sexually or physically abused children. Garrett's hobbies include weight training, bicycling, running, mountain climbing, playing acoustic guitar, and working closely with the local church.

You may hear Garrett on the HAM radio during severe weather. His call sign is KD5OMI. During severe weather the MAX5 Storm Team coordinates with local Skywarn Storm Spotters as well as the National Weather Service in both Little Rock and Tulsa to share emergency information.

Garrett and his wife, Ashley, have been married for 9 years and welcomed their first son, Graham, in the spring of 2011.

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    Garrett’s Blog: How a Typhoon in Japan is Related to Record Arkansas Lows

    A little more than a week again, Typhoon Neoguri , moved near the island of Japan. Typhoons (or hurricanes as they’re called in the Atlantic and east Pacific) follow a clockwise rotation in the Northern Hemisphere. Tropical cyclone systems are big movers of heat energy. They move from the equator towards the poles on the west sides of oceans with the warm water as the Earth struggles to find a balance because of uneven heating. This is why hurricanes don’t […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: 2 More Kids Die in Hot Cars; Nationally 15 Dead This Summer

    Over the last few days, 2 more kids have died in hot cars and 2 more were rescued. A 3-year-old climbed into the trunk of a car in South Carolina & died on July 2nd A 2-year-old was pronounced dead in El Paso, TX, yesterday, July 6th. A 2-year-old was saved by rescuers in Long, Island, NY after parents left her in the car while they went shopping, both have been arrested. A 15-month-old was rescued in Tennessee after parents […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: Sahara Dust In Arkansas

    Notice more haze than usual lately? Here’s a picture from Jesse Hays who snapped this picture of the dust suspended across the Arkansas River Valley on June 30th, 2014. The dust originates from the Saharan Air Layer which resides over the northern part of Africa. Frequent dust storms will suspend the air particles and the particles will frequently find their way across the Atlantic. It’s somewhat less common to see them in Arkansas and it’s much more common in Florida […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: July 4th Weather Preview

    The July 4th Holiday will arrive at the end of the week and the weather actually looks favorable for anything outdoors! It appears the best chance for rain will be on Tuesday and then clearing on Wednesday of this week followed by slightly lower humidity and temperatures as the weekend nears. The upper levels show a large ridge building in the desert southwest on July 4th with a weak trough across the eastern side of Arkansas and Mississippi. This would […]

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    Tornado Confirmed in Mayes County Oklahoma

    The National Weather Service in Tulsa has confirmed a tornado from Saturday’s storm in Adair, OK (west of Hudson/Grand lake) in Mayes county. Damage was reported at 3:24 PM as a severe line of storms moved through the area. Rotation along the leading edge of the storms spun up the tornado as it moved to the north and east before dissipating over Grand Lake. The full track and intensity report will be available on Monday by the National Weather Service.

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    Garrett’s Blog: No Burn Bans

    In prior years, we’ve seen drought conditions as we approach the July 4th holiday. That’s not the case this year. Although rainfall is below normal for the year, the heaviest rain occurred in late spring and early summer which has led to lush vegetation and a lower than normal brush fire risk. Neither Arkansas nor Oklahoma have any burn bans in effect. One thing to watch out for is the fire risk later this summer. Some of the worst fire […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: LPGA Rain Common

    The LPGA Tour started playing in Rogers, AR in 2007; and since then it’s rained on the tournament 7 out of 8 times during the week of play. The tournament has been held in the months of September, June, & July. Rain was recorded at nearby NWA Regional Airport the first 5 years with the only rain-free tournament in 2012. Rain isn’t all a bad thing, it typically doesn’t last long and while play might be interrupted; cooler than normal temperatures […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: Rainfall Still Below Normal

    The year 2014 has trended below normal for precipitation with drought continues possible later this summer if the trend continues. Most locations are running around 5″ below normal for year-date-rainfall. The latest drought monitor still shows some drought conditions in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. As far as the rainfall is concerned, both Fayetteville & Fort Smith have been below normal for much of 2014. Better rain chances are forecast to return the week of June 23rd as a lingering […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: Nightly Storm Threats

    Frequent overnight storm complexes will affect the area for the next several days. The best chance for rain will be overnight and especially from 2am-6am with each of the storm complexes that develop. This pattern will continue for at least the next 3 nights. Damaging winds will be the main risk with at least a small risk for an isolated tornado to develop in the comma shaped northern side of the complex. The storm complexes develop along a stationary boundary […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: Lightning Blasts Road Near Storm Chaser

    Incredible lightning strike video from a Severe Studios stormchaser, Scott Sheppard, taken in South Dakota. According to his Youtube description, the bolt blasted the road in front of his with some of the charge disabling his vehicle as well as another passing car. Extremely fortunate he wasn’t outside of the vehicle; lightning may not seem as a high severe weather risk; but in 2013, the National Weather Service says 23 people were killed from a direct lightning strike. The 30-year average […]

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    Experts To Analyze Failed Shelter Door

    The storm shelter that failed in the recent Mayflower, Arkansas tornado and resulted in injury and a fatality has been sent to Texas Tech University for analysis. Researchers will be preparing a scientific report on why the door failed, whether or not it was built to FEMA guidelines, & the magnitude of the winds and force which caused the failure. The report could be released as early as the end of this year. Texas Tech and the National Wind Institute […]

  • Bn9mLLECQAACueg

    Incredible Low Precipitation Supercell in Wyoming

    Check out this video from BaseHunters Chasing storm chasers in Wyoming over the weekend. It’s not Photoshop or special effect graphics, it’s a picturesque “low precipitation supercell”. Across Arkansas, we typically get HP Supercells or “High Precipitation” which generally shields most of the internal storm structure from view. LP Supercells can occur this far southeast but it’s typically uncommon due to the close proximity of the Gulf of Mexico & rich Gulf moisture. The tornado that struck Bentonville and Centerton, AR […]


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