Garrett Lewis, KFSM-TV’s Chief Meteorologist, can be seen weeknights at 5, 6, 9 & 10 p.m. Garrett’s passion for forecasting and weather comes from growing up in the small Arkansas town of Alma.

Garrett has witnessed some of the most amazing weather events unfold in our area including the 1996 Van Buren tornado, the crippling ice storms of 2000 & 2009, the flooding of 2004, 2006 Benton County tornado, & the 2011 Altus-Denning EF4 Twister.

“At the end of the day, people just want to know whether or not it’s going to rain & how much the weather will impact their life. Snow, tornadoes, rain, sunshine… weather is the only thing that affects everybody… everyday. I love my job. There’s nothing in the world better than forecasting weather for Arkansas & Oklahoma.”

Some of his most memorable weather moments stem from storm chasing in the Great Plains, including the May 3, 1999 outbreak which spawned several tornadoes in Central Oklahoma. Garrett also reported live in 100mph winds as Hurricane Lili made landfall near New Iberia, Louisiana.

Garrett joined 5NEWS on-air in July of 2001. Garrett now works as the Chief Meteorologist and can be seen at 5, 6, 9 and 10 p.m. Garrett holds a B.S. Degree in Geosciences and an M.S. Degree in Applied Meteorology Mississippi State University. His graduate work focused on the social science applications in severe weather.

In addition, Garrett has been awarded both the ‘National Weather Association’s Seal of Approval’ Seal #1581 and the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval. Seal #0410878. Garrett has been recognized by the Arkansas Associated Press for his weathercasts including the award of ‘Best Weathercast’ multiple times.

Off camera, Garrett sits on the board of the Benton County Children’s Advocacy Center and the State of Arkansas’ board for Children’s Advocacy Centers of Arkansas. Both advocate for child protection and for the prevention and treatment of sexually or physically abused children.

Garrett and his wife, Ashley, have been married for 13 years and have a son & daughter.

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    Garrett’s Blog: Hints of Fall in September

    In the weather community we divide one year into four seasons consisting of three months because the weather during that time frame tends to be more consistent. Meteorological Fall includes the month of September, October, & November. The “official” start of fall or the autumnal equinox occurs on September 23rd when the Earth begins tilting away from the sun; on that date the Sun’s rays are directly above the equator. The equinox means we’ll have roughly equal hours of daylight and equal darkness. As […]

  • Image 17

    Garrett’s Blog: September’s First Week

    The first week of September will be characterized by small rain chances early, a calm high pressure ridge midweek, & eventual Labor Day cold front. Here’s a look at how the upper level winds will affect our weather over the next several days. The strongest upper level support remains in Canada with hot and typical late-summer conditions prevailing across much of the southern United States. Monday-Tuesday: A weak shear axis is located across parts of Texas and central Arkansas. This will […]

  • Image 13

    Garrett’s Blog: Small Rain Chances Late-Week

    Awesome weather will continue for the next few days with cool morning and mild afternoons. We’ll see an increase in clouds on Thursday with limited rain chances returning to the area in the Friday/Saturday time frame. There won’t be a lot of humidity to work with so the overall amount and duration of rain appears to be low. Here is the weak disturbance that’s rotating around the high pressure ridge centered in the southwest. This is a look at Saturday […]

  • Image 7

    Garrett’s Blog: Rain Totals High For 2015

    A quick look at the rainfall totals for our area shows the trend of above normal rainfall continuing. We’re well over 100% of normal for both Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. In Fort Smith, we’re actually over the average amount of the entire year! Rain chances will be limited this week, but we’re watching late week into Saturday for an increase in clouds and perhaps a few showers. -Garrett

  • Image 72

    Garrett’s Blog: Near Record Lows Tonight

    Talk about an abrupt change! The cold front that brought the heavy rains overnight also dropped temperatures as much as 20º across much of the area. Heavy rainfall was also a big story today. Looking ahead, we may see some locally dense fog as the skies clear tonight and the wind calm down. Here’s a look at what to expect tomorrow morning. Fort Smith may break a record low, Fayetteville will come very close, as well. Rain chances return on […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: El Niño in Arkansas

    If you been following the news recently, El Niño is all the buzz. The discussion started when a climatologist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said the upcoming event had the potential to be the “The Godzilla of El Niños”. Godzilla aside, it does appear that this warming phenomena could be one of the strongest on record if the computer modelling verifies… and there is high confidence that it will; instead of just a few models showing the warming, all of them […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: Perseid Meteor Shower

    One of the most visible meteor showers of the year takes place this week and the weather will be excellent for optimum viewing. The Perseid Meteor Shower occurs annually as the Earth passes into space debris from comet Swift-Tuttle. The meteors can be seen all this week but the peak should occur before sunrise on Thursday morning in the northeast sky. Up to 100 meteors per hour will be possible. The great thing this year is a New Moon will […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: The Hottest Weekend of 2015

    This weekend will be the hottest weekend so far this year. Highs are expected to climb into the low 100s in the Fort Smith area with mid 90s in Northwest Arkansas. Heat Index values will be dangerous; as high as 111º in the afternoon and evening. Previously this summer, the hottest official temperature in Northwest Arkansas was 94º and 100º in Fort Smith. Although Saturday will be hot it’s nowhere near the records of 109º in 2011 for Fort Smith and […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: More Storms Tonight; Farther North

    (This image shows simulated radar at 4am Thursday with storms developing along and north of a frontal boundary in Northwest Arkansas) A stationary front continues to linger around the area this afternoon but will slowly move north late today as a ridge of high pressure builds in over Texas. The greatest chance for storms will occur when the low level jet strengthens after 10pm and into the early morning hours. The storms will be elevated and based above the surface […]

  • Thunderstorms 8-5-2015 in Elm Springs, AR. Photo: Marilyn Biggs

    Garrett’s Blog: More Storms This Evening; Severe Risk Lower

    The farther south push of the line of thunderstorms this morning (along it’s cool outflow) has lowered the severe risk for this afternoon and evening. Temperatures Wednesday afternoon were forced down into the 70s due to the rain. Thankfully, the cooler air means more stable air and additional thunderstorms this afternoon will not pose a high severe risk. 10pm Wednesday. The latest data is pointing to more thunderstorms developing later tonight as the low level jet feeds warm air into […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: Severe Weather Wednesday

    Thunderstorms, including some severe storms, will develop in the afternoon and evening on Wednesday. Here’s a look at what to watch for: Showers will be ongoing early in the day across North Arkansas The highest severe storm risk is from 2pm-7pm Storms will take on a bowing shape and could contain winds from 60-70mph The storms will move from the northwest to the southeast at around 40mph Northwest Arkansas is more likely to experience the stronger storms than farther south […]

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    Garrett’s Blog: August’s Expectations

    August is the last month of Meteorological Summer and typically when the heat starts to fade. The summer season so far has been near normal with temperatures and above normal for rainfall. The year as a whole has trended below normal. In Northwest Arkansas the normal highs for August are around 90º to start the month and 87º to end the month. Rainfall is usually a little more than 3″ and by the end of the month the sun will […]


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