Garrett Lewis, KFSM-TV’s Chief Meteorologist, can be seen weeknights at 5, 6, 9 & 10 p.m. Garrett’s passion for forecasting and weather comes from growing up in the small Arkansas town of Alma.

Garrett has witnessed some of the most amazing weather events unfold in our area including the 1996 Van Buren tornado, the crippling ice storms of 2000 & 2009, the flooding of 2004, 2006 Benton County tornado, & the 2011 Altus-Denning EF4 Twister.

“At the end of the day, people just want to know whether or not it’s going to rain & how much the weather will impact their life. Snow, tornadoes, rain, sunshine… weather is the only thing that affects everybody… everyday. I love my job. There’s nothing in the world better than forecasting weather for Arkansas & Oklahoma.”

Some of his most memorable weather moments stem from storm chasing in the Great Plains, including the May 3, 1999 outbreak which spawned several tornadoes in Central Oklahoma. Garrett also reported live in 100mph winds as Hurricane Lili made landfall near New Iberia, Louisiana.

Garrett joined 5NEWS on-air in July of 2001. Garrett now works as the Chief Meteorologist and can be seen at 5, 6, 9 and 10 p.m. Garrett holds a B.S. Degree in Geosciences and an M.S. Degree in Applied Meteorology Mississippi State University. His graduate work focused on the social science applications in severe weather.

In addition, Garrett has been awarded both the ‘National Weather Association’s Seal of Approval’ Seal #1581 and the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval. Seal #0410878. Garrett has been recognized by the Arkansas Associated Press for his weathercasts including the award of ‘Best Weathercast’ multiple times.

Off camera, Garrett sits on the board of the Benton County Children’s Advocacy Center and the State of Arkansas’ board for Children’s Advocacy Centers of Arkansas. Both advocate for child protection and for the prevention and treatment of sexually or physically abused children.

Garrett and his wife, Ashley, have been married for 13 years and have a son & daughter.

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    January 2017 was the 3rd hottest January on record globally. The historical data goes back 137 years and is comprised of 6,300 weather stations around the world. Last year’s 2016 month of January was the hottest on record with a temperatures 1.12ºC warmer than the mean temperature. The second hottest January was 2007 at 0.96ºC warmer. This year was 0.92ºC warmer than the mean. Locally, January 2017 was the 10th warmest in NW Arkansas. In the Fort Smith area, January […]

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    If you’re looking for Winter… keep looking. The temperature outlook shows a high chance for above normal highs continuing into the end of the month. For the month of February, NW Arkansas has been an average of +9.7º above normal while Fort Smith has been +9.5º. This follows the January trend of above normal weather which saw temperatures, on average, +5º to +6º above normal. The trend for the next week shows highs continuing 10-20º above normal. The next chance […]

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    You may have noticed the sun going down a little later each evening. We we get closer to the Spring and Summer seasons, we’ll see the day-length increase from it’s current 10-hours and 56min on February 15th to almost 12 hours in March and 13 hours in April. Basically, from here on out, we’re going to gain an extra 1 hour of day-length per month. Daylight Saving Time is on March 12, so plan on “Springing Forward” in less than […]

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    Rainfall totals were hefty across the area on Tuesday with many location over 1″ of rain. This was the wettest Valentine’s Day in over 20 years. The weather data record is more complete for Fort Smith and the wettest Valentine’s Day on record was in 1938 at 2.12″. Today nearly broke the daily record for rainfall. Since it’s winter, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the snow potential. A standard snow conversion would be 10:1 […]

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    The low pressure causing the rain will continue to slowly drift east this evening and into the overnight. Rain will continue this evening and won’t clear the area until around Midnight or later; although, the intensity of the rain should lessen early around 10pm. Here’s an hour-by-hour look at how the rain exits. 6PM TUESDAY: Heavy rain continues across much of the area. 8PM TUESDAY: The heaviest core of rain shifts east but rain remains in the area. 10PM TUESDAY: […]

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    Scattered showers are moving into Arkansas and will continue for much of Tuesday. Temperatures will be steady for most of the day in NW Arkansas. Heavier rain is likely in the River Valley with up to an inch possible. The trend for the next 6-10 days shows continued above normal weather for the next week or two… doesn’t look like much in the way of snow for February. -Garrett

  • Garrett’s Blog: Rain Tuesday

    Much needed rain will finally arrive late tonight into Tuesday with temperatures held down into the 40s due to clouds and rainfall. The highest rainfall amounts will likely occur along and south of I40 with lesser amounts in NW Arkansas. Here’s an hour-by-hour look at Tuesday as the rain arrives and moves across the region. 6AM TUESDAY: Rainfall will move across the area with temperatures in the 40s. Rain should move into the area late on Monday into Tuesday morning. […]

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    Rain chances for the upcoming week show the highest chance for rain on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday. Temperatures will be cool for the upcoming week will be in the 50s and 60s for highs and 30s for lows. Monday: 6AM Cool with passing clouds. Monday Noon: Clouds increase from the south. Monday 6PM: Rain in Oklahoma starts to spread east. This map shows Tuesday morning at 6AM, we should have an area of rain arriving from the west and overspreading the […]

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    Record highs were set across the area on Saturday with everyone reaching into the 80s. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the month of February in both Fayetteville and Fort Smith was 87º. Normal temperatures for today are around 50º. Cooler weather returns on Sunday with highs falling into the 50s with the passage of a cold front early on Sunday morning. Winds will also shift direction with a strong north wind instead of a strong south wind. -Garrett

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    Saturday: Record highs will be set across the area with highs expected to be around 80º with breezy south winds. Additionally, the fire danger will continue to be high with low humidity and breezy winds. This map shows 3am on Sunday. The cold front will be moving across the area and turning the wind direction around from breezy south winds to breezy north winds. By Sunday morning the front will be across south Arkansas with temperatures falling from the north […]

  • Fort Smith Marathon Forecast

    This is the surface map for Sunday morning, the cold front will move across the area late Saturday and should be clear of our area by Sunday morning. Winds will be out of the north and northwest. Rain Sunday Morning at 6am should be to our south. By Noon Sunday, expect clear skies with rain to our south in South Arkansas, North Louisiana and Mississippi. Hour-By-Hour: Fort Smith Marathon 8am Sunday with different points along the way for those of […]