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Jay joined the 5NEWS team in June 2013.

He started his TV news career in early 2008 when he was hired by a station in Midland, Texas. He worked there as a multimedia journalist, weekend weatherman and news anchor.

In December of 2010, Jay moved to Fayetteville where he quickly fell in love with Northwest Arkansas.

When he’s not working, Jay likes to get involved with local theatre productions and ride his mountain bike.

If you have a story idea, questions, or just wish to say hello, Jay can be contacted at Jay.Plyburn@KFSM.com.

Recent Articles
  • fashion 2

    Back-To-School Fashion Show – Middle Schoolers

    5NEWS recently held a back-to-school fashion show in the Northwest Arkansas Mall, right outside the 5NEWS studio. The goal was to get a better understanding of what kids are wearing this year. When it comes to looking good at middle school, you can`t go wrong with Razorback gear. “It’s definitely a go. You have to have Razorback spirit around here,” Brian Sellers said. Sellers is manager of the Buckle in Northwest Arkansas, and he gave us some back-to-school fashion tips. […]

  • fashion

    Back-To-School Fashion Show – Elementary Age

    Students have a lot to think about when heading back to school, including their outfits. So, in an effort to find out what`s trendy this year, we held a fashion show in the Northwest Arkansas Mall, right outside the 5NEWS studio. Brian Sellers, manager of the Buckle, gave us some fashion tips to make sure students look their best. “One big thing for girls is glitter, a lot of bling, shiny shoes, and then different floral prints,” Sellers said. “The […]

  • KISS

    EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan – The Chemistry

    Our sister station, WGN America, will soon premiere a new drama series called “Manhattan.” It focuses on the building of the atomic bomb, known as the Manhattan Project, and the lives of everyone involved. According to the cast of “Manhattan,” working on this project is a dream come true. “When I heard Olivia Williams was cast – I am such a huge fan and have been for so long,” John Benjamin Hickey (“Frank Winter”) said. “I was like wow, the […]

  • PIC

    EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan – Unique Challenges

    On July 16, 1945, in the desert of New Mexico, the U.S. Army tested a weapon of mass destruction. Less than a month later, that weapon was used to end World War II after six years of fighting. Many of us learned in school about the creation of the atomic bomb, but most history classes don’t concentrate on those who built the bomb and the secrets they were forced to keep. That’s the plot line for “Manhattan,” a new series […]

  • Manhattan3

    EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan – “Welcome To Nowhere”

    In one of the opening scenes of WGN’s “Manhattan,” Charlie Isaacs asks a stranger what the dusty foothill in the New Mexico desert is called. Isaacs quickly finds out the area has no name. “Welcome to nowhere,” the stranger says. Known simply as “The Hill,” that area of Los Alamos set the stage for incredible advances in nuclear physics while also becoming a home to many families and members the United States Armed Forces. The exterior set for WGN’s “Manhattan” […]

  • Manhattan2

    EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan – Creator and Director

    “Manhattan” is a new television series that premieres this Sunday (July 27th) on our sister station, WGN America, and it’s been a long time coming. “I started working on the show about six years ago,” creator Sam Shaw said. “I read a great deal about what life was like in Los Alamos, New Mexico in the 1940’s and the birth of the atomic bomb. For the most part, Shaw is a newcomer to the world of television, but he`s in […]

  • Manhattan

    EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan

    Our sister station, WGN America, will premiere a new television series on Sunday, July 27th called “Manhattan.” The title refers to the Manhattan Project which was the official codename of research and development of the first atomic bombs during World War II. Spearheaded by the United States, but with support from the UK and Canada, the efforts took place from 1942 to 1946. WGN’s “Manhattan” is a fictional series, based on the lives of everyone involved. “Manhattan” premieres Sunday evening […]

  • robotic surgery

    5NEWS Fit: Prostate Cancer Robotic Surgery

    Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in American men, but there are ways to get rid of it, once it`s detected. Some people are choosing robotic surgery, because of the potential benefits over regular surgery. “I offer robotic assisted prostatectomy, and I think that’s the key. It’s still done by surgeons. The robotic platform is just assisting the movement of the instruments,” Dr. John David Terrell with Sparks Urology said. “Recent data showed that about 80 […]

  • bedford

    Kutest Kidz Photo Contest

    It’s finally time for the annual Kutest Kidz Photo Contest! Jeff Beauchamp, president of Bedford Camera and Video, went over the rules and showed us some of the prizes on 5NEWS This Morning. The contest ends on Saturday, August 2nd. Then, the winner will be announced on Friday, August 8th. Prizes include a Canon EOS SL-1 camera kit with 18-55 lens and 200 free 4X6 prints!

  • wakarusa

    Wakarusa Performers Speak Highly Of Music Festival

    After nearly a week of live music, Wakarusa 2014 finally wrapped up, early Monday morning. The campers had nothing but positive things to say about the event, but we wanted to hear from the performers. The performers also spoke highly about the annual music festival on Mulberry Mountain. “There’s 25,000 people going crazy. The weather is finally good. Life is good,” Andy Frasco said Friday night just before introducing the Flaming Lips. Frasco was one of many performers at this […]

  • foleys van

    EXCLUSIVE: Local Band Prepares For Wakarusa Performance

    Foley’s Van and special guest Wendi La Fey stopped by the 5NEWS studio, Tuesday morning, to talk about their path to success and their upcoming performances at Wakarusa. The musical group has only been performing together for a couple of years and landed the Wakarusa gig by winning a local competition. According to the Wakarusa website, Foley’s Van provides “fast-driving, foot-stomping, whiskey-sippin’ tunes” that capture aspects of many different genres. Foley’s Van will perform twice at Wakarusa – first, on […]

  • Stabbing Investigation

    Heavener Man In Critical Condition After Being Stabbed

    A Heavener man is in critical condition in a Fort Smith hospital after a later night stabbing incident. Officers were dispatched to a home on East First Street around 11:45 p.m. Thursday (May 29). When officers arrived on scene, they discovered a fight had taken place involving numerous people and two men had been stabbed, Chief Ty Armstrong said in a news release. Charles Poynter Jr., 58, was treated and released from the hospital, according to Chief Armstrong. The other […]


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