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Jay joined the 5NEWS team in June 2013.

He started his TV news career in early 2008 when he was hired by a station in Midland, Texas. He worked there as a multimedia journalist, weekend weatherman and news anchor.

In December of 2010, Jay moved to Fayetteville where he quickly fell in love with Northwest Arkansas.

When he’s not working, Jay likes to get involved with local theatre productions and ride his mountain bike.

If you have a story idea, questions, or just wish to say hello, Jay can be contacted at Jay.Plyburn@KFSM.com.

Recent Articles
  • robotic surgery

    5NEWS Fit: Prostate Cancer Robotic Surgery

    Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in American men, but there are ways to get rid of it, once it`s detected. Some people are choosing robotic surgery, because of the potential benefits over regular surgery. “I offer robotic assisted prostatectomy, and I think that’s the key. It’s still done by surgeons. The robotic platform is just assisting the movement of the instruments,” Dr. John David Terrell with Sparks Urology said. “Recent data showed that about 80 […]

  • bedford

    Kutest Kidz Photo Contest

    It’s finally time for the annual Kutest Kidz Photo Contest! Jeff Beauchamp, president of Bedford Camera and Video, went over the rules and showed us some of the prizes on 5NEWS This Morning. The contest ends on Saturday, August 2nd. Then, the winner will be announced on Friday, August 8th. Prizes include a Canon EOS SL-1 camera kit with 18-55 lens and 200 free 4X6 prints!

  • wakarusa

    Wakarusa Performers Speak Highly Of Music Festival

    After nearly a week of live music, Wakarusa 2014 finally wrapped up, early Monday morning. The campers had nothing but positive things to say about the event, but we wanted to hear from the performers. The performers also spoke highly about the annual music festival on Mulberry Mountain. “There’s 25,000 people going crazy. The weather is finally good. Life is good,” Andy Frasco said Friday night just before introducing the Flaming Lips. Frasco was one of many performers at this […]

  • foleys van

    EXCLUSIVE: Local Band Prepares For Wakarusa Performance

    Foley’s Van and special guest Wendi La Fey stopped by the 5NEWS studio, Tuesday morning, to talk about their path to success and their upcoming performances at Wakarusa. The musical group has only been performing together for a couple of years and landed the Wakarusa gig by winning a local competition. According to the Wakarusa website, Foley’s Van provides “fast-driving, foot-stomping, whiskey-sippin’ tunes” that capture aspects of many different genres. Foley’s Van will perform twice at Wakarusa – first, on […]

  • Stabbing Investigation

    Heavener Man In Critical Condition After Being Stabbed

    A Heavener man is in critical condition in a Fort Smith hospital after a later night stabbing incident. Officers were dispatched to a home on East First Street around 11:45 p.m. Thursday (May 29). When officers arrived on scene, they discovered a fight had taken place involving numerous people and two men had been stabbed, Chief Ty Armstrong said in a news release. Charles Poynter Jr., 58, was treated and released from the hospital, according to Chief Armstrong. The other […]


    Bentonville Watchmaker Stands The Test of Time

    Northwest Arkansas is expanding on a daily basis, and one man in Bentonville has seen many of those changes firsthand. Bentonville is known worldwide as the home of Walmart. It’s no secret it all started on the square with the Five and Dime, but before Sam Walton ever made his way to Arkansas, a man named Ralph Overstreet started a jewelry business downtown. That business is still going strong after more than 60 years. “This particular building here, we’ve been […]

  • 5NEWS This Morning Cookout: Patrick’s Butcher Boy Burgers

    May is National Hamburger Month, and no one knows hamburgers better than Patrick’s Butcher Boy Burgers. Micah Bubbus, the owner, told 5NEWS the secret to a good burger is using fresh ingredients. He said they guarantee the quality of their food, because they grind their own meat and chop their own vegetables. Don’t be deceived by their food truck which serves food daily in the Lowe’s parking lot on Rogers Ave. in Fort Smith. Just like any other restaurant, the […]

  • tango

    5NEWS Fit: Tango Dancing

    As we get closer to summer, many people are looking for fun and effective workouts. In our most recent 5NEWS Fit, we danced our way to a healthier lifestyle, and it was all part of a tango class that’s offered in Northwest Arkansas. “We’ve been dancing tango for five years,” Tom Dykman said. “We did some typical ballroom dancing such as waltz and foxtrot and swing. Then, our teacher encouraged us go to tango after about a year, and we’ve […]

  • tamales

    Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Tamales

    Shawn Van Matre from Shorty's Tamales in Fort Smith joined us on 5NEWS This Morning to showcase his tamale recipe for Cinco de Mayo.

  • salem laughter

    EXCLUSIVE: Actors Prepare For Sinister Roles In “Salem”

    WGN’s newest series “Salem” is rated TV Mature, but the actors don’t let the adult content keep them from having fun. There`s a lot of sex, violence and other questionable material crammed into the drama. So you have to wonder – what was it about “Salem” that attracted the actors? “My agent contacted me and said, ‘how do you feel about putting yourself on tape for this amazing new show about witches?’ And I was like hell yeah,” Tamzin Merchant […]


    EXCLUSIVE: The Costumes of WGN’s “SALEM”

    Just like the exterior set that was built from the ground up, the witchy wardrobe for WGN’s “Salem” was no easy task. “Our corsets are real. There are no zips, no buttons. They’re incredibly restrictive and I don’t feel that elegant in it, because there are so many layers,” Ashley Madekwe (“Tituba”) said. “It is difficult, because I’m in like three skirts and two corsets, and then I have to act on top of that,” Janet Montgomery (“Mary Sibley”) said. […]


    EXCLUSIVE: On The Set Of WGN’s “SALEM”

    “Salem” is a new series that debuts Sunday, April 20th on WGN America, and the drama is loosely based on the infamous witch trials of the late 1600`s. An entire village was created for the show, but it`s not in Massachusetts where you`ll find the actual town of Salem. This Hollywood set is located just outside Shreveport, LA. “I couldn’t believe it. I thought there were going to be like maybe 3 or 4 houses there,” Iddo Goldberg (“Isaac Walton”) […]


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