Joe Pennington

I am excited to be back home and at 5NEWS! I grew up in the small western Arkansas town of Altus watching 5NEWS. My interest in weather goes back to my early childhood but peaked during the Fort Smith/Van Buren tornado of April 21, 1996. As I watched the severe weather coverage from Channel 5 that night, I knew then I wanted to be a meteorologist and work at 5NEWS.

One of my most memorable weather experiences was storm chasing in the Mississippi Delta in the Spring of 2010 and witnessing the destructive Yazoo City, MS tornado. It was a humbling experience to see the destruction left in its wake and it reinforced my desire to keep people safe from these tragic events by being a better severe weather forecaster.

Outside of work I enjoy hiking, watching college football, hanging out with my family and playing the drums in my local church.

I graduated from the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville in 2005 with a degree in Marketing, and recently from Mississippi State University with a degree in Geoscience with an emphasis in Broadcast Meteorology.

Recent Articles

  • Vandergriff Elementary School Visit

    Posted on: 11:46 am, April 14, 2014, by , updated on: 01:10pm, April 14, 2014

    Last Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking to first grade students at Vandergriff Elementary School in Fayetteville. With the...
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  • Bentonville Native Keeps It Local At The National Weather Service

    Posted on: 9:25 am, February 18, 2014, by , updated on: 09:32am, February 18, 2014

    Michael Lacy, lead forecaster with the National Weather Service in Tulsa, also brings a local face to the National Weather Service. Lacy, a Bentonville native, is happy to be close to home, forecasting the weather for his hometown.
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  • Hagarville Hank: Early Spring Prediction

    Posted on: 4:28 pm, January 31, 2014, by , updated on: 05:52pm, February 3, 2014

    A new tradition begins Sunday on the Baccahus Family Adventure Farm in Johnson County.
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    hagarville hank
  • Penningtons Make Altus Home Since Civil War

    Posted on: 7:06 am, November 12, 2013, by

    Home is where the heart is, and in Joe Pennington’s case that place stands more than 169 years at his...
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    joe sweeps pic
  • BLOG: Hard Freeze Warning, First Of The Season

    Posted on: 11:23 am, November 11, 2013, by

    The strongest cold front of the fall season will arrive Monday night with temperatures crashing behind the front. A Hard Freeze Warning is in effect for the area Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.
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    cold blast
  • BLOG: A Guide To Flood Warnings

    Posted on: 11:17 am, August 9, 2013, by , updated on: 12:06pm, August 9, 2013

    There are a lot of products the National Weather Service can issue when heavy rain could result in flooding or flash flooding. This can be confusing, so let's take a look at what each of these mean for you when flooding threatens your safety.
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  • Joe’s Blog: Severe Storms Possible Late Tuesday Night

    Posted on: 9:12 am, July 23, 2013, by , updated on: 12:07pm, July 23, 2013

    An active jet stream pattern will bring the possibility of strong to severe storms to the area late Tuesday night into the early hours of Wednesday.
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  • Strong Winds Tear Roofs from LeFlore County Businesses

    Posted on: 8:42 am, May 21, 2013, by and , updated on: 11:37am, May 21, 2013

    Residents in Poteau, Okla. are cleaning up after a possible tornado hit Monday evening (May 20).
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  • LIVE BLOG: Severe Weather Event Continues Into Tuesday

    Posted on: 7:13 am, May 20, 2013, by , updated on: 02:54pm, May 21, 2013

    A severe weather outbreak will be likely Monday, including the possibility of tornadoes.
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  • Adventure Arkansas: Trail Run

    Posted on: 3:21 pm, May 17, 2013, by , updated on: 03:26pm, May 17, 2013

    Tired of running at the gym or in your neighborhood? 5NEWS meteorologist Joe Pennington takes us for a run on...
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  • LIVE BLOG: Severe Weather Expected Wednesday Night

    Posted on: 8:18 am, April 17, 2013, by

    Severe weather chances will ramp up later tonight across most of the area. Damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes will be possible tonight.
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  • Pattern Change: From Cold To Severe Weather

    Posted on: 8:41 am, April 1, 2013, by

    On the heels of a colder than average March that saw Fayetteville register the 9th coldest March on record and the 41st coldest March in Fort Smith it appears one more cold shot is headed our way for the first week of April.
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    Lightning from storms south of Hartman on 9/7/12.