Laura joined the 5NEWS team in June 2014. She moved to Fort Smith from Ottumwa, Iowa where she worked as a reporter/anchor for the ABC/CBS affiliated station KTVO-TV. Laura also volunteers at the local Humane Society and in her hometown of St. Louis for the Cancer Support Community.

Prior to her time in Ottumwa, Laura worked as a general assignment reporter at KODE/KSNF in Joplin, MO. She graduated summa cum laude from Columbia College Chicago with a major in Broadcast Journalism/Television.

When she isn’t working, Laura enjoys exploring all that Arkansas has to offer, yoga, hiking, water sports, attending St. Louis Cardinals games, trying new restaurants, spending time with friends, family and traveling.

If you have any story ideas, volunteer opportunities or would just like to say hello, she’d love to hear from you! Email her at

Recent Articles
  • panhandling

    Fort Smith Board Of Directors Discuss Details Of Panhandling Ban

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Fort Smith residents will begin seeing fewer panhandlers after the city’s board of directors passed an ordinance that bans people from soliciting for money. The ordinance was passed during a board of director’s meeting 6-1 on Tuesday night (Feb. 21). It prevents panhandlers from being within 150 feet of a street corner, intersection or highway interchange. The ordinance also makes it illegal to approach peoples’ cars to ask for money. City director Keith Lau, who voted for the ordinance, […]

  • UserName:Rosanna Stubbs PhoneNumber:4792081556 Description:This was taken 2-15-17 in Van Buren. If it freezes again what will become of all the blooming trees etc.?? I've seen several blooms on interstate as well.

    Lawns, Allergy-Sufferers Pay The Price For Early Spring Weather

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)—Some unusual things are happening with the early warm weather this year. Although it is still cold and flu season, but allergy season is off to an early start. “I’ve seen bad seasons, but this is the first year it’s been quite so early,” said Dr. Aubrey Ziegler. Ziegler has been an allergist for almost two decades. He said cedar and maple pollen are already starting to make things miserable for allergy sufferers. “The things that typically hit us […]

  • cooper

    Body Cam Footage Shows Conditions Officers Faced The Day Cpl. Bill Cooper Was Killed

    SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) — At least 64 law enforcement officers were shot and killed in the line of duty last year across the nation. Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper made that list on Aug. 10, 2016. For the first time we are seeing what deputies were up against that day. Above you can watch some of the body cam video Greenwood police wore during the shooting. We do want to warn you some of it is hard to watch and […]

  • chaffee-joeg

    Developments Making Progress At Chaffee Crossing

    CHAFFEE CROSSING (KFSM) — A transformation is about to happen at some World War II era warehouses that have been vacant for decades. “The warehouses are about to take off,” said Executive Director Ivy Owen of the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority (FCRA). A pizza pub and an engineering office are the latest businesses coming to the area. They are on the north side of the warehouses along Ellis Street —behind the Fort Smith Brewing Company. The microbrewery is set to […]

  • northsidehighschool

    Northside High School Working On Innovative Learning Program

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)—From the time a high-schooler wakes up to the time they go to bed, today’s students are overbooked, said Northside High School Principal Ginni McDonald. However, a new program she’s working on aims to help students navigate the day more efficiently. “We’re looking at innovative ideas to alter the traditional learning structure to help our students succeed at their highest potential,” McDonald said. The “School of Innovation” is an initiative McDonald said will improve achievement, increase graduation rates […]

  • trane

    Community Shocked Over HVAC Plant Leaving Fort Smith

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)—Many people are in shock after the announcement that Trane Inc. will be leaving it’s Fort Smith facility. “I think it’s a huge blow to the local economy here,” said resident Nicholas Scott. Larry Clark, a partner of a local insurance agency, agreed. “It’s disappointing of course,” he said. “We don’t need to lose any more jobs.” He said the plant has quite a bit of history in Fort Smith. “That plant goes back a long way because […]

  • A macro Photo of a bed bug

    Booneville School District Hires Exterminator To Rid Elementary Classroom Of Bed Bugs

    BOONEVILLE (KFSM) — The Booneville School District will hire an exterminator to take care of a bed bug problem in an elementary school classroom, which was discovered last week. Booneville schools superintendent John Parrish said that four or five bed bugs were found inside a classroom and a hallway in the elementary school. Regardless of what the school is saying, some parents are worried the bed bugs could lead to big problems. Tiffany Burke has a daughter in the fourth […]

  • ryan-starkey

    Fort Smith Artist Overcomes Obstacles Associated With Disability Through Art

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)—Ryan Starkey has achieved one of the greatest accomplishments, having his work displayed in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. He also lives with a disability that comes with new challenges each day. “[Art] helps me get a lot of the frustrations and/or excitement,” he said. For Starkey, art and music are an outlet to vent, cope, relax and have fun. “I really love creating,” he said. It started as a hobby, but his talents are taking him far. […]

  • Mike Underwood Previous Arrest

    UPDATE: Fort Smith Homicide Suspect May Be Exaggerating Brain Injury To Avoid Prosecution

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A Fort Smith man who faces a capital murder charge in the death of his former father-in-law has yet to face jury. Michael Underwood, has had several continuances due in part to a brain injury, which one doctor said may be exaggerated. The case was postponed once again Friday (Jan. 13). He was scheduled for a hearing to determine whether he is fit to fit trial. Underwood’s attorneys, Ron Fields and Rex W. Chronister, filed a motion […]

  • heart attack

    Bayer Launches Campaign Bringing Awareness To Fort Smith Heart Attack Statistics

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Fort Smith has one of the highest heart attack rates in the nation, so Bayer Aspirin is launching a campaign in our area to raise awareness. “I don’t know how they keep putting me back together,” Robert Castillo said. “My doctors call me an anomaly. I’m not supposed to be here, but I’m here.” Castillo has had his share of health issues, including three heart attacks. The first one happened when he was in his 40s. “It […]

  • va

    Talihina Veterans Center Faces Threat Of Being Shutdown

    TALIHINA (KFSM)– Cheri Fulks’ father served in the Korean war. The 89-year-old is now being cared for at the Talihina Veteran’s Center. “He is happy to call it home,” she said. But, the state senate is considering a bill that would move the Talihina Veterans Center as far as 90 miles away. Shane Faulkner, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs in Oklahoma City said the upkeep of the 100-year-old center is expensive. He said it’s also difficult […]

  • sports-complex

    Board To Vote On Terminating Contract With River Valley Sports Complex Developers

    CHAFFEE CROSSING (KFSM)—Baseball and softball season is just around the corner, but a tournament softball complex that’s been in the works for almost three years is still nowhere near completion. “It’s kind of a puzzlement,” resident Patti Shock said. “Sometimes we think it’s big boys playing with toy trucks. They’re just moving dirt from one space to another.” The River Valley Sports Complex is being built at the corner of Roberts Blvd. and Taylor Avenue. It’s supposed to feature eight […]