Tyler is very excited to join the 5NEWS family and experience the culture and natural beauty of Arkansas.

In 2010, Tyler worked in Georgia where he became the weekend Meteorologist and weekday reporter at WGXA in Macon. Along with plenty of severe weather experience, Tyler sharpened his skills as a reporter winning an award from the Society of Professional Journalists in Breaking News for his collaboration on a homicide case involving a law student.

When Tyler isn’t watching the skies he is usually adventuring outdoors, in the gym, cooking, or enjoying a movie or video game.

Tyler attended Lynon State college in Vermont where he earned a degree in Atmospheric Science and Television News.

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Recent Articles
  • Adventure Arkansas: Fort Smith Helicopter Tour Offers St. Nick View of Christmas Lights

    A Fort Smith business is offering a special chance to see Christmas from the same view Ol’ Saint Nick has as he makes his holiday deliveries. Fort Smith Helicopter will be taking groups on helicopter tours of Christmas lights through Monday, December 16. The tour costs $50 for adults, and $40 for kids age six and under.  Kids age two and under can go on the tour free.  Rides begin after sunset and last until 10 p.m. and take off […]

  • Adventure Arkansas: Deer Hunting

    On this week’s Adventure Arkansas, Tyler tries his hand at deer hunting. Come along as he searches the fields and forests of Prarie Grove, and posts up in a deer stand in hopes of getting the shot. Special thanks to Nathan Ogden (president of Pick-It Construction of Fayetteville and creator of The Huntin’ Show) for his guidance and shared knowledge and passion for hunting. To learn more about hunting in Arkansas, click here. This “Adventure Arkansas” segment is brought to you […]

  • Fort Smith Home Badly Damaged in Sunday Fire

    The Fort Smith Fire Department responded to the scene to extinguish the blaze that appears to have started on the northeast side of the home.

  • 5NEWS Chases Tornadoes in North Texas- Part 3

    Join 5NEWS Meteorologist Tyler Southard as he storms chases in North Texas and intercepts violent twisters. Part 3 of a 3 part series takes you into the aftermath in Granbury and Cleburne Texas left by a killer tornado that the chase team intercepted.

  • 5NEWS Chases Tornadoes in North Texas- Part 2

    This recent barrage of severe weather began last week after a fairly quiet spring. Join 5NEWS Meteorologist Tyler Southard as he storms chases in North Texas and intercepts violent twisters. Part 2 of a 3 part series takes you into the storms and the interception of the killer tornado that struck Granbury and Cleburne Texas. Note: Tyler and the chase team are trained professionals. Please do not attempt this. Part 1: http://5newsonline.com/2013/05/22/5news-storm-chase-part-1/ Part 3 will air Thursday on 5NEWS at 9 […]

  • 5NEWS Chase Tornadoes in North Texas

    Join 5NEWS Meteorologist Tyler Southard as he storms chases in North Texas and intercepts violent twisters. Part 1 of a 3 part series takes you behind chase preparation and the first tornado interception by Tyler and his team of fellow meteorologist.

  • Live Blog: Storm Chasing in the Plains

    Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis and Meteorologist Joe Pennington are taking over the reigns from Meteorologist Tyler Southard and continuing the storm chase with more severe weather on the way. They will be in Oklahoma and Kansas this weekend chasing storms as they head toward NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas.

  • Channel 5 Bee Colony Settled in New Home

    Two weeks ago a hive of more than 100,000 bees that made the 5NEWS Fort Smith studio their home for the past two was transferred to a new home. During the operation, the team of beekeepers managed to save the queen, fins of honeycomb, and give a new home to about 30,000 of the worker bees. The team of bee keepers found particular interest in this hives queen and saw potential in the lineage she could create. “There is something […]

  • Weather Blog: More Rain Needed to Overcome Drought

    2013 is off to a great start in terms of rainfall with January and February measuring above average totals. Fort Smith already has a surplus of over 3 inches for what is typically seen for the first two months of the year, but more is needed. The area is running a nearly 15 inch deficit due to lack of rain over the past year. “Since about April of last year there have only been two months that we have seen […]

  • Weather Blog: How Tornado Damage is Determined

    Tornadoes come in all shapes and sizes and leave a wide range of damage in their path. It is important for first responders and meteorologist to recognize and categorize the strength of these storms. This is where the Enhance Fujita scale or ‘EF’ scale comes into play. The ‘EF’ scale was unveiled in 2006 by the National Weather Service as an update to the old ‘F’ system developed by Dr. Fujita. ”Well it has it’s roots back in the late […]

  • Road Conditions Improve in River Valley

    Road conditions are improving in the River Valley after Arkansas State Police worked dozens of wrecks. Lt. Bryan Davis with says roads in the area were mostly wet Thursday morning, which is an improvement over Wednesday night’s snow. Drivers on secondary roads may still run into some slick spots on bridges and overpasses, but Lt. Davis expects things to improve throughout the day. “We’ve worked several accidents yesterday and today, but things are somewhat better today and we’re hoping that […]

  • Severe Weather Awareness Week: Surviving a Tornado

    Northwest Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma lay in the heart of tornado alley. About 1150 tornadoes form across the United States annually and can occur in any month. These tornadoes kill on average 60 people and injure over 1,500 in a typical year. 2012 was a quiet year in Arkansas with no tornado related deaths. This is the first year since 2007 with no killer tornados in the state. On average, 33 tornadoes touch down in Arkansas each year mainly in […]