Krystle joined the 5NEWS team in May, 2016 as a reporter. She grew up in Maumelle, Arkansas and is a proud alumna of The University of Arkansas where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Broadcast Journalism.

During college, Krystle interned at The Ugly Uncle Sports Radio Show, where she was also an on-air talent and at KATV in Little Rock. During her time at the University of Arkansas, Krystle anchored and reported for The Razorback Sports Network and UATV, where she anchored an Emmy award-winning newscast.

Krystle is excited to be a new resident of Fort Smith and experience all that Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley have to offer.

When she isn’t working, you will likely find Krystle watching sports and calling the Hogs, spending time with her family and friends, working out, or just having fun!

If you have a story idea or just want to say hello, Krystle can be contacted at, on Twitter at @5NEWSKrystle, or Facebook at

Recent Articles
  • Fort Smith Fire Department In Need Of Firefighters

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The Fort Smith Fire Department is in need of nearly a dozen firefighters, but the job process requires much more than the average job application. “When it comes to life safety, there’s no room for mediocrity,” Captain Ethan Millard, Fort Smith Fire Department said. For seventeen years, Millard has loaded up in a fire truck, responded to all types of calls and even saved lives. “I love it,” Millard said. “It’s a great job. I’m very fortunate. […]

  • Shelters Offer Cooling Centers And Water Stations

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Local shelters and organizations are offering cooling shelters for the homeless and those in need, as well as water stations for people to have water bottles or fill up their own. “It is miserable, especially not having a car, I walk everywhere,” Kyle Davis said. Those in need are finding ways to stay cool in temperatures reaching triple digits and the help is coming from local shelters like the Community Rescue Mission and Next Step Homeless Services. […]

  • Study Suggests Washing Reusable Water Bottles After Each Use

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)- A study by Treadmill Reviews shows if a reusable water bottle is not washed after every use, it could contain quite a bit of bacteria. A long workout calls for water, but as you take a drink from your reusable bottle, do you know how dirty it really is? “I don’t want there to be any kind of build-up, bacteria or anything like that,” Gabriel Carroll said. “I usually try to wash it every night when I […]

  • Rock Scavenger Hunt Game Takes Over Poteau

    POTEAU (KFSM)- A scavenger hunt involving decorated rocks is taking over the city of Poteau, bringing joy to everyone in the community. Those in Poteau are taking everyday rock and turning them into something much more appealing. “918 Rocks Poteau” started with a boy named Hunter who was sick and wanted to bring joy to those around him. “He started rock hunting, rock painting and the game has trickled down to even little Poteau,” Katie Hopper, art teacher and co-organizer […]

  • Popular Bridal Retailer Closes, Leaving Brides Without Dresses

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Thousands of brides-to-be around the country are without a wedding dress after the popular designer, Alfred Angelo closes more than 60 stores without notice. Reports say the company declared bankruptcy this week and contacted many customers saying they had until Friday (July 14) evening to pick up their dresses. Other brides were left without information and said their store didn’t answer the phone and the doors were locked. The shut down is affecting some shops in […]

  • Fort Smith Police Address Street Gangs In Our Area

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Fort Smith Police are educating residents about street gangs in our area, informing them that gangs are involved in recent violence, while explaining how the definition of a gang has evolved. Sergeant Daniel Grubbs knows gangs and now he’s sharing his background in gang intelligence with the community. “It’s good to get them together, get them information and maybe fill in blanks between recent events that they’ve heard about and just be truthful,” Sgt. Grubbs said. Police […]

  • Viral Post Sparks Discussion About Mental Health Days At Work

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The issue of mental health and whether or not it is okay to take mental health days at work is making headlines after an email went viral of a woman telling her co-workers she was taking two days to focus on her mental health. “We’re afraid to say, ‘Wait a minute, I’m struggling,'” said John Skelly, therapist at Fresh Roots Family Counseling. Many are questioning whether mental health days should be allowed at work. Skelly has been […]

  • Little Rock Mass Shooting Survivor Recalls “Horrific” Moments

    LITTLE ROCK (KFSM)- Little Rock native, Cruz Williams remembers what he calls a “horrific” night that left 28 people injured after a mass shooting at Power Ultra Lounge in downtown Little Rock. “It was so chaotic, it was so devastating,” Williams said. When Williams first heard the gunshots at Power Ultra Lounge, he said he instantly dropped to the ground. “The first group of shots, I was in disbelief,” Williams said. “I was like, ‘what am I doing here? I […]

  • Medicaid Places Cap On Therapy Prescriptions

    (KFSM) — Medicaid and the Department of Development Services are making changes to the amount of time allowed for children who require therapy every week. A new funding cap starts on Saturday (July 1) that will only allow children 90 minutes per week of therapy. Fort Smith mother, Kathryn Mattox said her daughter, Lilly, was born with Agensis of the Corpus Callosum, a condition in which her daughter was born without a connection to the right and left hemispheres of […]

  • Sheriff: Man Puts Baby’s Life In Danger In Police Pursuit

    LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) — A LeFlore County man is behind bars after deputies said he led them on a chase, threatening to kill himself and a baby in the car. On Friday night, deputies from the LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office were involved in a pursuit that the sheriff said lasted more than 20 miles and ended in deputies rescuing a six-month-old child. The pursuit started when Jeffery Fox failed to pull over after he turned off a road almost hitting […]

  • Sheriff Discusses Plans To Rehabilitate Inmates With Mental Illness

    SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) — Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck along with deputies have developed a plan for a stabilization unit to help inmates with mental illnesses. If Governor Asa Hutchinson approves, the sheriff’s office would be one of three centers to be built in Arkansas. Michael Reed, the man who drove through a controversial Ten Commandments monument in Little Rock, destroying it, admitted in a letter in 2015 that he had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Sheriff Hollenbeck said people […]

  • First Responders Give Tips To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

    FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Police and emergency responders around the country are still answering call of children left in hot cars, including in our area. “Usually what happens is we get a call from the shopping centers,” Sgt. Clyde Forrest, Fort Smith Police Department said. “Someone has run in to do a couple minutes of shopping and they’re usually inside much longer than they think.” Forrest said the department answers calls for both children and pets being locked in hot cars. […]