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  • Young Boy’s Emotional Facebook Video About Bullying Goes Viral

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – A young boy’s emotional video about another round of bullying he endured is going viral. Keaton Jones, a middle school student, tearfully explained how he was bullied to his mother and asks why people bully others. She caught the moment on video: This is Keaton Jones. He is amazing. I hope those who bullied him get what’s coming to them. And soon. — Jamie O'Grady (@JamieOGrady) December 9, 2017 One of the first to respond to […]

  • Girl Has Blunt Message For Insurance Company After Brain Surgery Request Denied

    Cara Pressman sobbed in the big red chair in her living room. The 15-year-old tried to absorb the devastating news relayed by her parents: that their insurance company, Aetna, denied her for a minimally invasive brain surgery that could end the seizures that have haunted her since she was 9 years old. “When my parents told me, I went kind of blank and started crying,” she said. “I cried for like an hour.” Her friends had been lined up to […]

  • Heartbreaking Video Shows Emaciated Polar Bear Struggling To Survive

    A heartbreaking video of an emaciated polar bear is going viral online. The video, shot by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, was taken in Canada inside the Arctic Circle. It shows the starving bear struggling to walk, scavenging for anything to eat. Nicklen said he didn’t want the bear to die in vain. In the days since he posted the footage, Nicklen said he’s been asked why he didn’t intervene. “Of course, that crossed my mind,” Nicklen told National Geographic. […]

  • Toddler Signals ‘Help’ In Sign Language During Photo With Santa

    OWING MILLS, Md. – Every year when Santa comes to town children and their parents line-up to meet the jolly big man – but one Maryland toddler wasn’t having it. Kerry Spencer taught her son the sign for “help” in sign language – and during his photo with Santa he made the sign. “We taught our baby sign language. This is the sign for ‘help.’ You’re welcome,” Spencer wrote. We taught our baby sign language. This is the sign for […]

  • 7-Year-Old’s Elf On The Shelf Gets Emergency ‘Surgery’ After Dog Attack

    ORLANDO, Fla. – Staff members at a Florida hospital raced to save a tiny patient – and a little girl’s Christmas – after the family dog attacked her Elf on the Shelf. Orlando mother Jenn Thelen said she woke up to the screams of her 7-year-old daughter Aubrie after the family’s German shepherd got ahold of the doll, whose name is Sam, according to a Facebook post Wednesday (Dec. 6) from the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Despite the rosy […]

  • Man Celebrated For Rescuing Rabbit From Fire Now Faces Backlash

    LOS ANGELES – A man caught on video rescuing a small rabbit from a blazing wildfire in California was hailed as a hero Thursday — but not by everybody, including experts who say it’s debatable whether the rabbit even needed saving in the first place. Torie Bosch at Slate says risking the flames to grab the bunny was “a stupid thing to do” and sharing the man’s story, possibly inspiring others to similar acts of animal rescue, is “irresponsible.” Tosch […]

  • Woman Unaware She’s Pregnant Gives Birth To Surprise Baby Boy

    LITTLETON, Colo. – Amy Littlefield had no idea she was five months pregnant when she delivered her son Cayden. “Absolutely crazy that he’s here,” the Colorado mom told KDVR, adding it’s still hard for her to put the experience into words. On Sept. 14, Littlefield rushed to the Swedish Southwest Emergency Room in Littleton with severe abdominal pain. That’s where doctors told her she was pregnant and about to deliver her baby. Within two hours Cayden was born. At just […]

  • Woman Allegedly Held Down 2-Year-Old Toddler While Cousin Recorded Himself Sexually Abusing Child

    Warning: Details in this story could be disturbing to some. CINCINNATI, Ohio — A sex offender and his cousin in Ohio are facing federal charges after being accused of making child pornography with a  2-year-old toddler with plans to sell the video, federal authorities said Thursday. Cousins Ciera Richter, 25, and Jason Fletcher, 40, were both arrested. According to WXIX, Fletcher’s probation officer found child porn on his phone back in May. A further search of the phone revealed an […]

  • Man Guilty In Deadly Crash Asks Judge If He Can Join Marines Instead Of Going To Prison

    CLAREMORE, Okla. – One of two brothers convicted in a deadly hit-and-run crash asked a judge if he could join the Marines Corps instead of serving jail time. Gage Shriver, now 21, Dakota Shriver, now 23, were convicted in September for the deadly crash. In 2015, Noelle New and Maranda Talley were struck by a vehicle while walking to QuikTrip, according to the Tulsa World. New died from her injuries and Talley was critically injured, but did survive. Gage Shriver […]

  • Starbucks Debuts Latest Crazy Creation: The Christmas Tree Frappuccino

    As soon as stores roll out those red cups, you know Starbucks is in the mood for Christmas and social media strangely lights up with seasonal spirit, too. From a zombie themed drink creation and a beverage inspired by unicorns, the coffee giant is finding new ways to capture customers’ attention. This month, it’s the Christmas Tree Frappuccino. Hope this fits in the living room. The #ChristmasTreeFrappuccino is here through 12/11. 😁🚗🎄✨ (US and Canada) A post shared by Starbucks Frappuccino […]

  • 10-Year-Old Gets Multi-Organ Transplant After Waiting For 8 Years

    CLEVELAND – A 10-year-old boy is a living miracle after waiting eight years for a multi-organ transplant. “I just thought about it at night; I laid in bed thinking about him being in there all by himself,” Annie Lykins remembers the nights before she decided to take legal custody of Victorious Nera. Victorious, also known as Vic, is a fighter. He was born with Short Gut Syndrome, which almost killed him as a baby and requires him to get all […]

  • ‘Neighbor Helping Neighbor’: Firefighters From Several States Arrive To Help California Crews

    LOS ANGELES – With Santa Ana winds predicted to continuing gusting through the weekend, firefighters are arriving from across much of the western U.S. to provide much-needed relief to Southern California agencies. Strike teams have arrived from Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Utah and Idaho, according to Mark Ghilarducci, director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Colorado is also sending crews, outlets in that state reported. Aurora Fire Rescue’s 4 firefighters arrived with other Colorado fire departments at their […]