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Why Television?

Television Advertising has the ‘best perception’ among adults

  • Most Authoritative 49%
  • Most Exciting 78%
  • Most Influential 79%
  • Most Persuasive 68%

Adults spend more time with television each day than they do any other medium

  • Television: 237 minutes
  • Internet: 99 minutes
  • Radio: 98 minutes
  • Newspaper: 27 minutes
  • Magazines: 17 minutes

Television reaches more adults each day than any other medium

  • Television 90%
  • Radio 73%
  • Internet 66%
  • Newspapers 64%
  • Magazines 50%

Most Adults learn about products and brands from TV. They also claim that broadcast television is their primary source for local news, weather and sports. Most adults feel that broadcast television is more involved in the community and are turned to first for breaking news.

*Source: TVB, Nielsen Media Research Custom Survey 2008

What about online advertising?

Online advertising allows you to:

  • Sponsor site sections targeted to your consumers
  • Create and sponsor rich content areas to help build your brand
  • Drive traffic to your own website through a hyperlink
  • Increase brand exposure with targeted leaderboards and cube ads

Online advertising allows your ad to be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reach thousands of people everyday and increase your exposure to the community!