Mug In The Morning

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  • Mug in the Morning winner 2/4/2013: Ava Stockburger of Alma

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 2/5/2013: Jay Crane of Fort Smith.

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 2/5/2013: Jay Crane of Fort Smith.

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 2/11/13: Linda McCollister, Altus.

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 2/18/2013 Amanda Davis, Paris

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 2/15/2013 Vickie, Alma

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 2/19/13 Robert Ozimek from Clarksville

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 2/22/13 Calvin Wolfe

  • Melinda Mizell, 4-3-13

  • Samantha Steelman, of Wister, is the Mug in the Morning winner for 4/2/13.

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 4/5/13: Lana McLaughlin

  • Mug in the Morning Winner 4/8/13 Dylan Henderson, Waldron

  • Winner: 5/7/13 Pete Osburn, Alma

  • 5/8/13 Winner: Jeremy Provence, Winslow

  • 5/13/13 Jordan Bryan, Mansfield

  • 5/14/13 Kim Arnold, Charleston

  • Winner 5/15/13 Mary Wagner, Cedarville

  • Winner 5/17/13 Billie Whorton, Huntsville

  • Winner 5/16/13 Melinda Briscoe, Muldrow

  • Winner 5/22/13 Annette Stubblefield, Charleston

  • Winner 5/20/13 Ginger Hanna, Fort Smith

  • Winner 5/23/13 Sam Carter, Ozark

  • Winner 5/24/13 Samantha Gard, Van Buren

  • Winner 5/27/13 Mike Donahoe Lincoln

  • Winner 5/29/13 Jay Stout Fayetteville

  • Winner 6/3/13 Katie Austin, Fayetteville

  • Winner 6/4/13 LaDonna Brooks, Elkins

  • Winner 5/30/13 Joel McAfee, Rogers

  • Winner 6/6/13 Boyd McCauley, Greenwood

  • Winner 6/7/13 Denise Provence, Winslow

  • Winner 6/10/13 Judy Brown, Pocola

  • Winner 6/11/13 Doug Wertman, Rogers

  • Winner 6/12/13 Steve Wood, Bella Vista

  • Winner 6/14/13 Billie Whorton, Huntsville

  • Winner 6/25/13 Mandy Kuykendall, Van Buren

  • Winner 6/26/13 Dava Bauer, Ratcliff

  • Winner 6/27/13 Tonda Dean, Alma

  • Winner 6/19/2013 Susan Ferguson, Ozark

  • Winner 7/1/13 Suella Bratton, Ozark

  • Winner 7/2/13 Rory Dunaway, Central City

  • Winner 7/2/13 Billy Joe Jones, Mulberry

  • Ronald Sasse, Mulberry, SUN TRY TO BREAK THOUGH

  • Ozark Walking Trail

  • Hartshorne, OK

  • front yard

  • Sugarloaf Lake

  • Nepal

  • Arkansas River

  • Ozark

  • california

  • Fort Smith

  • Submitted by Marco Feliciano

  • Rye Hill

  • Alma in Springtime

  • Photo Submitted by Larry Coleman

How do I submit a photo for Mug in the Morning?
At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a place to Upload Your Photo. Submissions must include a physical address. NO P.O. BOXES! We are unable to ship prizes to P.O. Boxes. Submissions need to include a full name as well. Be sure to remember to submit your photo!

How do I win Mug in the Morning?
Our meteorologists select one winner every day. You do not need to meet certain criteria to win, just an awesome eye-catching photograph!

What do I win?
If you are selected as winner of Mug in the Morning, you will receive a 5NEWS Coffee Mug and a coupon for free digital photo prints from Bedford Camera and Video.

How do I get my prize?
If you are winner of Mug in the Morning, your prize will be mailed to you by Bedford Camera and Video.