Something Brewing In The Gulf Of Mexico?

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I always shy away from labeling certain weather “crazy, insane, extreme, ect.” because most of the time it can be properly explained as “above/below average”, after all the average weather simply takes past conditions (on the higher end of the scale and low end) and averages them together.

So I will label this as something very interesting. A tropical system is trying to form in the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, although development close to those dates are possible…but early February? Yes, tropical systems are very rare for this time of year in the Atlantic and Gulf. The only tropical system on record for the month of February was in 1952. It was a tropical storm that formed on February 2 and hit southwest Florida the next day.

The system that has formed recently in the Gulf has been is being monitored for possible development. It has been identified as Invest 90L. Obviously the conditions are not ideal for this to develop into a tropical depression/storm but it could develop more over the next couple of days. Sea surface temps are marginal, and the wind shear might spell the end of this system.

At any rate, it is an interest feature to watch over the next several days and will probably end up bring a lot of rain to southern Florida.

-Joe P.

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