No One Injured in Springdale Plant Explosion

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Firefighters were called out to a plant in Springdale after a plant explosion was reported.

The explosion occurred at Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies plant on Huntsville Avenue in Springdale around 4 a.m. February 10.

According to AERT CEO Joe Brooks, a fire was started after a dust explosion tripped and blew off a breakaway safety panel. Brooks says the panels are designed to breakaway in the event of an accident.

That explosion caused a fire at plant silo number three.  Plant workers say the silo was nearly empty, which helped lessen the severity of the blast. The Springdale Fire Department was called out to the scene to contain the fire. Brooks says rainfall also helped to douse the flames.

The overnight employees at the plant were evacuated after the explosion as a precaution. There were no reports of injuries in the fire.   Brooks says the company is very thankful that all of the employees made it out okay.

“We were very fortunate that today’s explosion was a minor one and that no injuries were suffered,’’ said Brooks.

The fire was contained in approximately one hour.  According to Brooks there is damage to the top of the silo, but he added that it should be repaired and operational within a few days.  The adjoining AERT plant is still operational, and employees have now been cleared to return to work.

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Springdale Fire Department.  Springdale Fire Officials are waiting for rainfall to slow down.  They then plan to head back inside the silo and collect additional information for their investigation.

AERT uses recycled polyethylene plast in the manufacture of composite building materials.

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