Richardson Film Premieres at Bud Walton Arena

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — After the Razorbacks’ win over South Carolina, fans remained in Bud Walton Arena for the world premiere of the ESPN Films documentary “40 Minutes of Hell” on former Hog head coach Nolan Richardson.

The film, which also detailed the 1994 national championship season, was widely applauded by fans, and gave Richardson a chance to reflect on changes he pushed for, now seen at the University of Arkansas.

“I feel good that now they have some diversity,” Richardson said in a news conference prior to the game. “My grandmother said that that’s the only way it’s going to happen, is for you, or people like you, to not think about you, but think about how you can open doors for those of your color.”

Richardson also said he feels proud when looks at Arkansas now, compared to where they were.

“[Stan] Heath, myself and Mike Anderson, at Arkansas. There have been three black coaches here,” Richardson said. “That was important to me, to do the best job I can and open doors for those who are less fortunate.”

The documentary premiered on television Saturday night, and will replay throughout the weekend.