Understanding the Levels of Sex Offenders

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Investigators says Lloyd Jones, on a scale of one to four, is a level three sex offender, which means he is at a high risk to act again.

Three weeks ago the U.S. Marshal Service and other law enforcement checked on Jones. Investigators say he was in compliance.

"A level three is a high risk to re-offend and a level four is considered a sexually violent predator," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Cory Thomas.

Thomas says there are four levels of sex offenders in Arkansas. He said, "It's their likelihood to commit another sex offense."

Level one offenders have a low risk of re-offending. Level two offenders pose a moderate risk. "Level one and level two, they can live wherever they want to live," said Thomas, "They can live in the city. They can live next to a school."

Thomas says level three and four offenders have different rules. He said, "Where they live and where they reside is restricted to 2,000 feet of any school, daycare, boys and girls club, public parks."

Dr. David Beare is a psychologist at Sparks Regional Medical Center. He says sex offenders sometimes act impulsively. "They obsess about their target and how they are going to obtain the target, but they don't follow through with what's going to happen after they have their victim," said Dr. Beare.

Psychologists say sex offenders have a high rate of recidivism, or they're likely to act again.

The U.S. Marshal Service says if sex offenders are on parole they might not be allowed to use the internet or own a computer.

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