Plans Approved For Three-Story Parking Deck in Downtown Bentonville

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A three-story parking deck will soon be going up in downtown Bentonville.

Tuesday night the planning commission approved the 21c Museum Hotel’s parking deck.

Which is good news for some who live in Bentonville.

“I think  the idea of a parking deck is absolutely fabulous, there’s a lot of things going on downtown it’s very hard to find parking, I think it’s a wonderful idea, I’m excited,” says Kathi Hanson.

But some commissioners were concerned with about headlights going into people’s homes.

And everyone we spoke to says a park deck is definitely needed here in downtown because of all the traffic.

“Having trouble parking, just driving down there it’s difficult,” says Charlotte Campbell.

“Less people will be parking on the street,” adds Levi Jordan.

The deck will have 306 spaces but, some wonder how this will be paid for.

“But right now with the economy the question is where is the money coming from? Because a lot of people are losing their jobs, like me,” says Campbell.

The money for the parking deck is part of the hotel paid for by the private developer.

But before a building permit is issued the developer must get approval from the commission on material to screen the headlights.

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